How do I create Ticket Discounts?

Log into the Dashboard then go to DISCOUNTS > CREATE CODE. The process is pretty straightforward and the system will even generate a link to the web page with the discount code already applied (in case you want to make people's lives easier).

For a more detailed set of instructions read on: 

Ticket Discounts

Here you can manage your discount codes

  1. Click the “Discounts” tab
  2. Click “Create Code” to create more ticket discount code

Ticket Discount Codes

You can then fill in the following information to create your discount codes

  1. This is the ‘Internal' Code Title, for your eyes only ;)
  2. Code you can share with relevant parties
  3. How much discount does the code carry, i.e. 100% or $10 off ticket price etc. along with the amount of uses of this code
  4. URL link

Take note that the code in step 2. is also appended to the URL. This URL can be shared with the relevant parties, which will enable the code to be instantly applied, and they do not need to enter it. Click on it, and see where it takes you.

  1. Start & End Date, that the code will start & stop working
  2. Select the type of ticket you want this to apply to 

Remember, if you apply it to the “early grinder” and the ticket is no longer valid, then the discount will also not work. So if you create a VIP PASS, then ensure that it will be valid on all the tickets that will be available up until the event takes place.

i.e. if early grinder date passes, ensure the discount code also works for the “late grinder” else your VIP will not be able to apply the code and use the code to buy relevant ticket.

  7. Don't forget to select "Save Code"

Panel should look like the image below once completed

Ticket Discount CodesTicket Discounts Applied

dashboard (49)
Here is what the page looks like when your discounted attendee, clicks on the URL that you sent them

  1. You can see the Discount Code is after the words “code-“
  2. 2 & 3. These are the tickets that have had the discount code applied to
  3. 4 & 5. Here you can see what the full price of the ticket was
  4. you can see, the ticket discount code was not applied to the “free tickets”
  5. #7Alternatively, your VIP can type in the code here to make it apply to the tickets
  6. # 8Payment gateway options available for this event
  7. #9 Place to order the tickets