How do I deal with cash at the door?

You can accept cash at the door, be sure to list the door price as higher than the final ticket price as to compel people to purchase early and save you the hassle. For instance in Bloemfontein most final tickets (which expire 2-hours before the event) are $10, yet the "at the door" price will be $15. Make sure it's enough to get people on early.

User Facing Look & Feel

Here's what it will look like to someone purchasing a ticket

Ticket Setup

Setting up the ticket - ensure that the PRICE is set to ZERO - else, they have to buy the ticket online, which reverses the whole point of this exercise - here's a screenshot:

  1. Ensure to include the price of the ticket in the ticket name!!
  2. Make sure to set the price to "0"
  3. In the Ticket Description, explain what's going on, and that they need to bring cash with to the door.

Event Wrap Up

After the event, you will need to enter total amount into the final invoice in. We add this to the event revenue totals.