How do I get paid for my ticket sales?

As you know, there is an 80/20 revenue split between your chapter and Startup Grind HQ. When your event is over, wrap it up, make sure to insert all the tickets sold off platform and then just relax as we will take care of everything else (of course, your Payoneer must be properly set up). It usually takes a couple of days.

How are fees calculated for Event Tickets

Bevy (Startup Grind Event Management Softwar) does not issue a fee for every ticket transaction, but per-event-invoice payment to chapter transaction. All of the Payoneer fees apply per-event-invoice transaction when the director/payment lead accepts the payment in Payoneer after submitting the invoice post-event in their chapter dashboard Payments tab.
The per-ticket-transaction fees fall into 2 categories. There are the configured fees that the ticket purchaser sees. These are set up by Startup Grind to pass on operating costs, per-transaction bared by ticket purchaser. There are also the actual fees charged to Startup Grind + Bevy to process the transaction securely and exchange currencies, etc. The purchaser and chapter director don't really see these and they only show up in Startup Grind bank deposits and reports.
On Startup Grind the configured ticket order purchaser processing fees are as follows (they might change from time to time):
  1. SG fee of 2.5% + currency 0.99 
  2. Processing fee of 3% applied to the total after 1.
  • E.g. a 10,00 € ticket base price will receive an SG fee of 1,24 € (0,99 € + 0,25 €, 2.5% of 10)
  • It will then also receive a 0,34 € processing fee (or 3% of 11,24 €, rounded)
  • So the total fees on SG's platform will be 1,58 €, 
  • and a single ticket will be a total of 11,58 €.

When a you submit an event invoice, you get the ticket revenue share percentage (usually 80% on SG) from the base ticket price. This does not include ticket purchaser fees. In the example above the 1,58 € always goes to SG and the chapter share is calculated based on the 10,00 € ticket price. So your calculations for a single event would be based on

(the base ticket price * purchased ticket quantity) * 0.8 (or 80% chapter share) - Payoneer platform transaction fees

The Payoneer fee is based one transaction per event invoice, based on the currency they'd receive in. All SG Payoneer transactions originate in US Dollars (USD) for calculating Payoneer expenses where it matters.