How do I prepare for the interview?

Preparing for an interview is one of the most important things a director can do. You do not want to go on stage without preparing correctly. Even though the speaker comes unprepared and it is a relaxed event, you still need to ensure that you are prepared. Research the speaker thoroughly, everything from their history, achievements, and personality, to what they are an expert in. Give them a chance to tell people what they’re working on currently.

Knowing the speaker's personality is very important as it really decides in what mood and direction an interview can go in. One fantastic way to achieve this is to try to set up a meeting before the interview. Coffee or lunch works well or you can meet them at their office.

You are free to conduct the interview however you would like but we have a basic structure that tends to work well

  • Background of the speaker => Experience/hardship getting the company up => Industry insights and local opportunities

Download & read this 2 page document, to help you with the interview format: General Interview Template