How can I make the Q&A more interactive? (Slido) is a great technology tool you can use to moderate questions and tweets in a beautiful way.  We have a partnership with Slido internationally that gets you use of their tool for free at your monthly events!

To activate, please send a message to asking for slido access. The Community Team will then add your startup grind email address to the system and send you an email so that you can sign up. 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT sign up to slido BEFORE receiving the invite from community team.

Here are the  Top 5 Slido / StartupGrind Talks

Here you can see Slido in action:

  1. Presentation Screen - so that the audience can see the questions or twitter stream
  2. Laptop computer - which is a duplicate of the presentation screen, but makes it easy for the presenter and the interviewer to not have to turn their heads backwards.
  3. to see G using it, while his co-director, Louise, controls Slido in the background (switching between presentation, questions and twitter, and highlighting questions and deleting inappropriate questions/tweets)... watch this video

Here's some more info to help get setup