Can I distribute the videos in other places besides the Startup Grind official YouTube channel?

No - with a few exceptions that HQ would need to approve. Having the same video on YouTube 5-times kills the SEO and ruins the destination sites we've created for the event pages. Other reasons not to do this include we don't know how other outlets will use them and how they'll portray our speakers. Also, we'd lose the creative control. Once you give someone the video, it's gone - so we rarely give them away.

Also if they're planning to sell or profit in anyway that is an automatic deal breaker. Sometimes we will give some media outlets access to the content if there is a great strategic reason to do so (ex - TechCrunch wants to run it, or Inc Magazine wants the footage). But there needs to be a good reason for it. 98% of the time there is only one place to find these videos and that's the Startup Grind website /YouTube channel.