What should I do when I'm part of the Meetup group (art assets, description, etc.)?

This HOW TO will walk you through Meetup.com: How to Join, Use & Update

Feel free to view these instructions by video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRin97aYj4E or read the text below. Many people like to read the instructions and then watch the video to get all info.

Signup with Meetup

meetup (3)

  1. Go to www.meetup.com
  2. Click “Sign up” if you have not done so already

It’s better if you sign up with your personal details

Signup User

meetup (4)

  1. You can Sign up with Facebook (as you personally, not with your Startup Grind email)
  2. You may signup with Google

if you wish, you can sign up with your startup grind email, it’s up to you, from experience we’ve learnt it’s better to do it in your personal capacity

  1. Type in your name
  2. Fill in your personal email (or, if you wish, your startup grind email)
  3. Create a password
  4. Signup

Your Details

meetup (5)

  1. Your Age
  2. Gender
  3. Country
  4. Zip Code
  5. Hit next…

Upload Profile Pic

meetup (6)

  1. Upload an image, or use your Facebook image


meetup (7)
You’ll get this notification once successfully signed up

Go To Gmail

meetup (8)

  1. Use your bookmark to get to Gmail

Open Verification Email

meetup (9)

  1. Go to inbox
  2. Click verification email from meetup.com

Verify Account

meetup (10)

  1. Click link in email

Choose Interests

meetup (11)
1-3. Choose a few sectors you are interested in

  1. Click Next

Interest Control

meetup (12)

  1. Choose events you’d be interested in
  2. and/or Click Next

Join Some Meetups

meetup (13)

  1. Join a few groups
  2. and/or click next

Invite Friends

meetup (14)

  1. Invite friends
  2. and/or click “Maybe Later”

Join Your Chapter's Meetup Group

meetup (15)

  1. Search and go to your cities meetup group
  2. Click “Join Us!”

Go Back To Your Meetup

meetup (16)

  1. Read the introduction (if there is one)
  2. Click on the header image to go to the meetup group

Notification Of Status

meetup (17)
Once you have joined, email us at ford@startupgrind.com, so that we can upgrade your status to co-organizer in the meetup group

You will receive an email stating that you are now the co-organizer of [insert your city]

  1. Go to gmail
  2. Open the email

Go To Meetup Group

meetup (18)

  1. Click link

Edit Your Chapters Appearance

meetup (19)

  1. Click on “Group Tools”
  2. Click on “Edit Appearance”

Appearance Bar

meetup (20)

  1. The Appearance bar will appear
  2. Click on “Color palette”

Pick A Color

meetup (21)

  1. Scroll to the bottom
  2. Click “Pick…”

Color Flyout

meetup (22)

  1. This “flyout” will appear
  2. Open a new tab

SG Media Kit

meetup (23)

  1. Go to bit.ly/sgmediakit
  2. Scroll down the page to get to the color palette
  3. Click on the SG Pink box

Official Pink

meetup (24)

  1. Copy the “Hex color code” = #FF2A45

Paste Pink

meetup (25)

  1. Go back to the open meetup tab
  2. Paste in the official Startup Grind Pink

Get Dark Grey

meetup (26)

  1. Go back to the media kit page
  2. Click on the white section of the page (to minimise the pink box), then click on the Dark Grey box
  3. Copy the hex code

Paste Dark Grey

meetup (27)

  1. Go back to your meetup page
  2. Enter the hex color code in for the Background
  3. Enter the hex color code in for the links as well
  4. Click OK when done

Pro tip: obviously you can just type in 6x 2’s into the box, but this is to illustrate the process

Update Banner

meetup (28)

  1. Click on “Banner Image”
  2. Click on “Upload image”
  3. Click on “Choose File”

Get Your Art Assets

meetup (29)
To get to your art assets do as follows

  1. Open Google Drive (or go to drive.google.com)

You should go straight in if you are already signed in to your Startup Grind chrome profile

  1. Click on “Shared With Me”
  2. You should see your Art Assets folder here, select it

If you do not see it, please ask for it via ford@startupgrind.com

  1. Click on “Add To My Drive” – to, well, add it to your drive
  2. Click on “My Drive” to go into your drive

Open Art Assets Folder

meetup (30)
You’ll see your art assets folder here now as well.

  1. Click on it to open it

Open Social Media Folder

meetup (31)

  1. Go to “Social Channels” folder

Open Meetup Folder

meetup (32)

  1. Click on “Meetup” folder

Pro Tip: Use the images provided to update all your social profiles, they have all been created to fit the different social media network requirements.

Download Images

meetup (33)

  1. Select all the images
  2. RIGHT click, and then choose “Download”

ProTip: You can sync Google Drive with your computer, then all files will be on your computer in a folder ready to access with or without the internet.

Extract Zipped File

meetup (34)

  1. This should download a “Zipped” file onto your computer
  2. Extract all the contents

Get Path To Assets

meetup (35)

  1. Select the path to the images
  2. Copy the path

Update Banner & Background

meetup (36)

  1. Go back to your meetup page
  2. Click on “Choose File” to upload a new Banner Image

Go To Art Assets Path

meetup (37)
In the popup window, paste the folder path

Choose Banner Image

meetup (38)

  1. Once at the right folder, select the Meetup Banner Image
  2. Click “Open”

Change Background Image

meetup (39)

  1. This will replace the Banner Image found here
  2. Click on ‘Background Image”
  3. Click on “Upload a new image”
  4. Click on “Choose File”

Open Background Image

meetup (40)
In popup window

  1. Choose Meetup Background file
  2. Click Open

Set To “Stretch”

meetup (41)

  1. Once loaded, choose “Stretch”
  2. Once done, click “Save”

Update Profile Photo

meetup (42)

  1. Update the profile photo
  2. Click “Group Tools”
  3. Click “Group Settings”

Go To “Basics”

meetup (43)

  1. Click on “Basics”

Change Profile Image

meetup (44)

  1. Scroll to bottom of page
  2. Click “Choose… “

Choose Meetup Profile Pic

meetup (45)

  1. Choose the Meetup Logo White
  2. Click on “Open”

Save Changes

meetup (46)

  1. Click Save

Go To Homepage

meetup (47)

  1. Your settings have been saved (confirmation message)
  2. Click on “Home”

Bookmark Your Page (optional but handy!)

meetup (48)

  1. Once home
  2. Click “Star” to bookmark page

Bookmark Details

meetup (49)

  1. Give bookmark applicable name
  2. Choose relevant folder
  3. Click “Done”

Check Your Messages

meetup (50)

  1. Please keep an eye on your “Messages”. Many of your members will reach out to you, and it’s really great when you are responsive. It also help grow your brand, and events.

Profile Tip

meetup (51)

  1. If anywhere on Meetup, click your profile image to get to the pages you run, as well as other pages you have joined

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