What are some social media best practices during the events?

Be sure to assign a team member to help with social media during the event so you can focus on the people at your event.  

  • Aim for 5-15 live tweets from your city SG account (+ some FB posts) during the event (see ideas, below)
  • Have conversations with the other tweeters in the room during the event (remember to include your hashtag at all times) - this really helps to get trending.
  • Post lots of pictures:
    • pictures of the crowd (especially VIP attendees)
    • pics of the interviewee + many quotes from the featured guest
    • pics of them shaking hands with attendees
    • a pic of you with them
  • Make sure to tag your speaker and sponsors/partners (incl venue)
  • Retweet others who are talking about your event
  • Feel free to ask someone on the front row to hold your phone to FB live stream the interview, too.
  • In some cities, 2-4 people are dedicated "social media team" (People that get free tickets to your event and form part of your volunteer team):
    • Team member 1 = Sends out condensed insights from speaker
    • Team member 2 = Sends out pictures on twitter, Facebook and Instagram
    • Team member 3 = Has conversations with the tweeters in the room over twitter - as well as people NOT in the room (upsell to next event, ensure next event is already live on dashboard)
    • Team member 4 = Handles any twitter competitions, like "best tweet of the night" or "funniest tweet of the night" or "Most insightful tweet of the night" - then get a partner or sponsor to supply a small prize to the winner.

Providing your team with a set of preformatted tweets can help them do more.  Here is a sample set - customize to your chapter and speaker:

  • Pre-event 4-6pm
    • #startup #entrepreneurs -  joining us tonight at 6? Still time 2 RSVP: (insert link for tickets)  w/(insert speaker handle)
  • Networking 6-7pm
    • Full house tonight for #startupgrind #speaker event w/(insert speaker handle) of (insert speaker’s company handle) #entrepreneur
    • We’re #MixnMingle w/ #founders #innovators at #startupgrind! Stay tuned for our #fireside chat with (insert speaker handle) & (insert director handle)  
    • Getting the #startup #founder dish soon from (insert speaker handle) – live tweet with us: use hashtag #startupgrind
  • Fireside 7-8pm: Live tweets and shoutouts
    • #StartupGrind (insert city handle) welcomes @(insert speaker handle)
    • Get in on the #startup dialogue NOW with @(insert speaker handle) @startupgrind
    • Big thanks to (insert sponsor handles) 4 making #startupgrind possible in (insert city) #bestsponsorsever
    • (insert speaker handle) wisdom: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #startupgrind
    • #Entrepreneur pro tip from (insert speaker handle): xxxxxxxxxxx #startupgrind(insert speaker handle) #wisewords: xxxxxxxxxxxx #startupgrind
  • Post event
    • In awe of (insert speaker handle) #entrepreneur #wisdom we heard: xxxxxxxx
  • Next day
    • In case you missed it: (insert speaker handle) at #startupgrind on xxxxxxxxxxx
    • Tweet link for recorded video

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