What should I do on social media between events?

Here’s an outline of good practice to be used between events:

  • 1 post/day @ FB
    • 3pm on weekdays
    • 8pm on weekends
    • Sunday night = Super Post
    • Boost post for $20 - direct link to Ticket Sales (Your event page link... linking to facebook page or event has bad conversion rate)
    • Experiment with Ads and track ROI
    • Make sure to tag and recognize sponsors regularly!!
  • 2 tweets/day @ Twitter (use Buffer if needed)
    • 50% SG CITY
    • 30% Local Startup news
    • 20% Global Startup news
    • Make sure to tag and recognize sponsors regularly
    • Here is an example of a great tweet from SG Capetown: HERE or HERE or HERE
      • Here is a search with a list of peeps they tweeted a direct invitation to for one specific event: https://goo.gl/g29wRg (to some of their local followers)

Here are all our latest graphics. Please feel free to use any of the files that fit your requirements. 

It is always a good idea to put together a "press kit" or a "media kit" of your logo's, some pictures from past event as well as some quotes from sponsors and past speakers etc, to send to journalists/editors/bloggers or press or PR companies etc.

Here's another strategy by Alan Delmonte:

Alan is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
*Great strategy to boost your social media presence and spread awareness of your chapter:*
Make a raffle on Instagram and partner with big accounts that have massive followings and give away two tickets to the people who follow you on IG and write the name of the person they want to go with on both your  SG IG account and your partners account. 
After doing this today (May 23rd) my chapters IG account has gained dozens of new followers!!!