Who should I try to get as a sponsor?

A few key tips:

  • Target brands and companies you know – leverage personal and professional connections (LinkedIn, Startup Grind team, your company/ startup, friends in marketing/sales)
  • Target companies reaching startup founders, developers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and early adopters (hint: law firms are often a prime sponsor).
  • Look at who is sponsoring other startup events and ask them
  • Find out WHO is the decision-maker and IF there is budget to spend. If no, don’t waste time
  • Determine TIMING for sponsorship (how soon can they buy? deadline for decision-making? If NO now, ask again in X months / next quarter)
  • If answer is NO, always ask for a lead / referral (who do you know?…)

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 - Updated June 2019

 And, here is a way to say thanks to your sponsors and show your value.