How do I invoice my sponsors?

We have a wonderful invoicing tool that makes this easy for you. You just fill out the required information and the sponsors can click a link on the PDF invoice to pay via credit card. We don’t accept checks or wire transfers. 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in and go to “Dashboard”
  3. Go to “Sponsors” -> “Invoices” -> “New invoice”

1. Sponsor name, select the drop down to find the appropriate sponsor to invoice

2. Issue date, date that the invoice is created

3. Payment terms, discuss payment terms with your sponsor and input amount

4. Total events, number of events sponsor has committed to

5. Net amount, amount sponsor has agreed to pay

6. Tax amount, if you are in US, HQ handles all of the taxes. If you are based in another country please consult with a tax specialist as Startup Grind is not authorized to provide localized tax advice

7. Grand total, total amount of sponsorship

8. Invoice description, list out the details of the sponsorship

9. When you are ready to send the invoice, select "create & send invoice" -this will then generate an invoice that will be sent to HQ. 

Note: The system will generate a PDF version of the invoice and automatically send it to your Startup Grind email address.  It is up to you to email it to your sponsor. Make sure you get the invoice to your sponsor in a timely manner.

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