How do I add a co-director?

Co-Directors must go through an application process - please get them to apply here:

During the application process they will get a quick interview with someone from HQ, we simply would like to get to know the people that help us grow Startup Grind and giving of their time to help you run your chapter. They will also go through the training process which will help them, help you, better!

Please only add co-directors that will be with you for a long time as we do give them systems access.  

Co-Directors are eligible to attend the Director's retreat at the Global Conference each February as long as they were onboarded by the Dec 1st prior to the event.


  1. Up to one co-director per chapter can have a SG email address.
  2. Only SG Classic chapters will get 2 email addresses per chapter, SGx and SGu do not.