How To: Join & Use SG Slack Channel

This HOW TO will walk you through Slack, how to join & use, as well as etiquette in the Slack Channel.

Please go HERE to view the FULL PDF on how to setup Slack | Prefer to watch? Go HERE

Step 1 - Install Slack

Go here to Install slack (whether on Mac, Windows or Mobile phone). We recommend that you download on your laptop and on your phone.

Step 2 - Create Account

Because you have a Startup Grind Email, you can sign in directly without needing an invitation, simply create account here:

JoinSlack (2)

  1. Enter your Google Apps User Name, i.e. your Startup Grind email address
  2. Click "Create Account" - This will send an email to your address
  3. If you do not have a Startup Grind email, please contact G

Step 3 - Add your name

Please ensure to add your City or City, Country after you LAST name

You can also go here to update it:

JoinSlack (6)

  1. Fill in Your First Name
  2. Fill in your Last Name (Followed by your city in brackets after your last name)

Step 4 - Join Channels

Feel free to join ANY public channels, Click on "Channels" to see a FULL list that you can join

JoinSlack (17)

  1. #announcements - Announcements are for announcements from HQ (Normally important info)
  2. #articles-and-pr - This channel is for ANY articles that you find on the web related to Startup Grind and your chapter
  3. #random - This channel is for anything non-startup grind, and totally random
  4. #sg-community - This channel is for you to chat to the whole community, and it's about anything Startup Grind related
  5. #sg-global-2018 - All things related to SG Global Conference
  6. #speakers - Keep an eye out for great speakers near you!
  7. #startup-program - Anything to do with the Startup Program
  8. #Website - Anything related to the Website

Step 5 - Introduce and Engage

Please introduce yourself to the community, and also interact... like things, comment, make suggestions, query - go mad, the more you are interacting on Slack, the more everyone will interact and the closer we will be as a family... there is not Stupid Question or Wrong Answers :)

Guidelines you should follow

  1. Avoid using @channel, @everyone @here at all times! Most of the active slack channels have over 500+ Directors/Co-Directors in them, located over 12+ time zones by using these “@” everyone will receive a push notification thus also the people that might be busy or sleeping.

    In case you want to make sure someone from the HQ community team to read it please use @G, @Bruce Lunnis (Cape Town, SA),  @Candace (Dayton, USA), @Farheen or @Jelle Kajim (Amsterdam, NL)
  2. Always respond in Threads. A lot of messages are being sent on daily/weekly basis in the chats, in order to keep it clean and easy to follow, respond to in Threads.

    Reason for using Threads, is to encourage discussions on topics without disturbing the ones that are not interested. Don’t know how that works? See instructions below: 
  3. Most Importantly Engage :) We want all of you to actively partake in the community, we are all like minded people in one group, share interesting information with each other. Ask questions, and don’t forget to have fun, share all your experiences with us and pictures with us.