Setting up event on the dashboard: Descriptions + Magic Button

When creating an event, there are 5 places to insert content:

  • Event Title
  • Short EVENT Description
  • Long EVENT Description
  • Event Image
  • Short BIO Description
  • Long BIO Description


Create witty and engaging title's that will capture attendee's attention. We recommend including the industry topic/focus as well as the speaker's name. 

Some great examples:

Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck- Jason VandeBoom, Founder & CEO of ActiveCampaign

Understanding the Anatomy of Failure for Success, Mark Logan, Ex-Skyscanner COO

Startup Grind Hosts Howard Behar Former Starbucks Founding President and Author

Short Event Description

The short description is the EVENT description that is shown on the chapter page, and on newsletters. It contains information about the event... it's the HOOK... use this space to write something amazing that will hook people in to finding out more about the event, and want to click on the "Get Your Tickets Now" button.

Here is the short event description on the chapter page:

and here it is in the newsletter:

Long Event Description

This is shown on the actual event page, it has ALL the information that someone would need to know more about the event, and to attend.

It is also ONLY displayed on the actual event page as shown below...

Event Image

The event image is displayed on chapter page and nearby events page

Here is the event image on the chapter page

And here it is on the "nearby events" section on the homepage of the startup grind website

Short Bio Description

This is once again a hook regarding the speaker . In the speaker section, search for a speaker, if not found, then hit the "new speaker" link and create a new speaker. If the speaker is already created and added to your page, then click on the "pencil" to edit the speaker.

Long Bio Description

The long bio is displayed on the event page, under the long event description. It is only shown should there be one speaker, if 2 speakers, then either the short bio will be displayed, or a button to see the bio of the speaker will appear

One Speaker: Info shown

Two Speakers: Boxes shown with link to bio's


Magic Button

You can either hit “Add New Item” and add items to the agenda manually or…

  1. You can hit the “Magic” Button and everything will auto-populate.
  2. The same goes for your Venue, Sponsors & Partners (Basically anywhere you see the “Magic” button)

The data comes from the standard template, but after you make changes, and save the event, it will use the newly saved info for future events.

Even if you do use the Magic button, you can still add, edit or remove items.