Where are my Art Assets?

If you are looking for your cities Art Assets or Graphics, please log into chrome using your Startup Grind email address, as shown during the onbaording training. (If you cannot remember, please feel free to watch this video:  How do I access my Google Drive folder)

Once logged in, click on this link ro access your "shared with me" folder:  drive.google.com/drive/shared-with-me

You will see a folder with your cities name, open it, and inside you will find several folders with all the files for social media and other various uses, including your banners and vector formats.

If you do not see your Art Assets, please ensure that you are logged in with your Startup Grind email.  If you are, you can also try searching your city name in the search box to find them. 

If you are logged in with your Startup Grind email and cannot see them after searching your city name then please email us at: ford@startupgrind.com and we'll send you a direct link. : )

If you are looking for any other graphics i.e. #SGWomen month, Mid Year Party etc. - please go HERE