Payoneer Tax Forms - Full Process for International Directors (non-US)


Have you opened a Payoneer account and linked it with Startup Grind via our Dashboard?

If not, please stop reading and complete this step. If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to the instructions on the How To - Navigate SG Dashboard manual provided to you during the training & onboarding process.

Important Note:

Startup Grind or Payoneer is not authorized to provide you with advice on completing the tax form, please consult a tax professional if you require assistance.

The following guide is based on our experience on what works best for most international directors (non-US). However, there is no guarantee that it’s a one-size-fits-all approach as personal circumstances may vary. We don’t know all your personal/financial/tax background to give you targeted advice, so please check carefully each step and consult the “question mark” icons that indicate more information.

Arming Directors with important pointers when registering for Payoneer:

  • Applicant should make sure the information he/she provides is accurate
  • Applicant should use only his/her own personal information
  • Applicant should not let other people fill out the application on his/her behalf
  • Applicant cannot use IP concealing software
  • Applicant should follow address guidelines on the website (Complete address under his/her name, no PO box)

Providing these basic guidelines will provide a “head start” to the registrants. If the payee attempts to register with information that is not in-tune to what is listed above (even inadvertently) the Director may jump into a manual queue and will wait for review by the Approvals Department.

Startup Grind Inc. will not accept any liability from incorrect tax form submission.


1. As soon as you receive the first payment from Startup Grind, Payoneer will send you an e-mail that will look like this:

2. Please click the orange button “Submit Tax Form Now".

3. You will be transferred to this page:

4. Please click “Use Wizard

5. Please click “I am an individual”

6. Please click “I am a foreign person” (for non-US Directors only)

7. Please click “No, it is not effectively connected

8. Please click “Not filing for personal services

9. That’s all for Part 1! The system decides to present you with the relevant form (Substitute Form W-8 BEN) based on the selections you made using the wizard.

10. Now you have to fill in your personal details.

11. First click on the “ Got It” orange button.

12. Leave blank the fields that are optional as shown below:

13. Click “Next

14. That’s it, you’re done! You will receive an e-mail from Payoneer confirming that you have submitted your Tax Forms.

15. You’re now ready to receive payments from Startup Grind.

What Happens if I don’t submit my Tax Forms?

You will receive an e-mail like this from Payoneer. It’s just a reminder to Submit your Tax Form.

Please note that your payments from Startup Grind might be stuck as “ on hold” until you submit these tax Forms. This is not Startup Grind policy, it’s Payoneer’s policy.

Startup Grind made the payments and they are “on hold” until you submit your tax form.

Your First Payment

You will get an e-mail from Payoneer to notify you that you have received a payment from Startup Grind. The e-mail will look like this:

Congratulations on finalizing the payments process!

Now it’s time to publish your next event and keep receiving more of these payment notification e-mails ;)