GFS | Google Cloud Credit for Startups

Google allows startups within the Startup Grind community to apply for up to $100,000 in usage on the Google Cloud Platform.

(Updated for 2018)

As part of the Google for Startups Spark program, most startups referred on or after September 18th, 2017, will receive $20K in Google Cloud Platform credits. Startups who actively consume their credits will be invited to apply for an additional $80k in credits (and enter the "Surge" program. 
Those who meet the criteria for additional credits will also have their time in the program extended for an additional year. Google recognizes the uncertainty that comes early in building a company and they'd like take the guesswork out of Cloud. 
The Spark Package includes the following for accepted startups:
  • $20,000 in Cloud Credits for one year. The credits are good for all Google Cloud Platform products including Firebase and the Machine Learning APIs.
  • Technical Q&A Office Hours
  • Free Google Apps for Work for 12 months (only valid for new domains)
If you have any questions, please reach out to your community manager on

Steps to apply

Please apply on behalf of your local startup via the link below:

It now takes less than 10 days to get an answer from the Google Cloud team ;) (Thanks GCP team!!)