Regional Conferences | Timelines and Milestones

Did you get approved to host a Regional Conference?  Awesome!  This list is your new best friend. : )


These milestones will give you guidance and will hold you accountable at the same time.  They are required steps and you will need to provide regular updates to your community manager about your progress.  Get ready to create something amazing!

Note that Startup Grind reserves the right to cancel the event at any point if HQ team comes to the conclusion that you cannot deliver on your promises. We strive to do great events around the world and keep a consistent experience.

6 months before the conference

  • Venue determined
  • Ticket pricing and strategy determined; event draft set up on our dashboard
  • Top 10-potential sponsors lead list created
  • Top 30-speakers list created
  • Request Branding & Art Assets from HQ
  • Email a report of your progress in these areas to your community manager 6 months before your event

5 months before the conference

  • Sponsor negotiations taking place *ideally first sponsor signed by now
  • Top 3 speakers confirmed
  • Event published
  • Identify partners for media, PR and government support
  • Email a report of your progress in these areas to your community manager 5 months before your event

4 months before the conference

  • Venue booked
  • >5% (of ticket goal) tickets sold (this excludes free tickets)
  • At least 2 main sponsors committed
  • 6 speakers confirmed
  • All Art Assets completed
  • Media coverage plan prepared
  • Advertising on Social Media & Newsletters begins *include call for volunteers
  • Email a report of your progress in these areas to your community manager 4 months before your event


2 months before the conference

  • >35% (of ticket goal) tickets sold
  • 75% of speakers confirmed
  • Volunteer program prepared *get a volunteer team captain to own this role!
  • Catering ordered
  • Email a report of your progress in these areas to your community manager 2 months before your event

1 month before the conference

  • Livestream/video coverage taken care of (if needed)
  • VIP guests & media invited, free tickets distributed to special organizations/groups
  • Team identified/hired (volunteers, operations, etc.)
  • HQ travel organized *if community team, Derek Andersen and/or Karlie Krieger are included in attending, supporting on-site, or speaking
  • Badges & wristbands designed (wristbands optional)
  • All signage, marketing materials designed and prepared for print
  • If doing t-shirts etc, all designed and sent to printer and ready to go
  • Speaker packets sent out confirming time, location, on-site needs/directions, guest name/info, registration, and issuing deadlines for any presentation materials
  • Sponsor packets sent out with any additional information they need
  • Conference calls between moderators + speakers set up *Startup Grind directors should participate / organize the calls
  • Email a report of your progress in these areas to your community manager 1 month before your event

2 weeks before the conference

  • Rehearsal with the venue & the crew (audio, video, VIP rooms, etc.)
  • Confirm all vendors - catering, on-site support, volunteers, etc.
  • Speaker registration & logistics (make sure all speakers and guests are registered, collect all materials for any presentations *try to avoid them bringing their presentations on-site)
  • Speaker intro slides / conference stage slides created
  • Send everything off to print
  • Send a list containing 5-10 tweets that you'd like sent from the SG main acct, along with approx date/times for the tweets and all text + artwork
  • Prepare show-flow (run of the day for you and AV team to go off of)

1 week before the conference

  • Receive final presentations from all speakers (hopefully)
  • Completed training and info sessions with volunteers *host a volunteer orientation or google hangout
  • Final prep calls with speakers & moderators
  • Host a team meeting to walk through every little detail and ask as many questions as possible
  • Speaker contact sheet - Compile a list of speaker phone numbers to have on hand at registration - it is helpful to have this organized by arrival time just in case they are running late and you can call
  • Double check your registration list to be sure you have ALL VIPs - speakers, guests, sponsors, etc.
  • Receive printed banners + program + direction signs, wristbands, etc.
  • Security confirmed
  • Volunteers re-confirmed
  • Name tags / Badges printed
  • Walk your venue, go on-site to familiarize yourself even further with the space / flow
  • Prepare “See you tomorrow” pre-event email to send to all attendees for next week - include basic on-site details to get them ready and excited

>2 Days before the conference

  • Check-in any shipments sent to the venue + label them so it’s easy day of
  • Create a WhatsApp / Group Chat with your team (+ volunteers) to make communication easy day of  
  • Prep teammate who is running speaker registration - they should be familiar with faces + order of arrival
  • Double check all slides + presentations / make sure AV team has most recent copy downloaded
  • Have a music playlist on hand to play during breaks on the mainstage
  • Print out extra copies of Showflow + Floorplan
  • Prepare any remaining attendee emails that are not done (pre, live, post) - you don’t want to be doing this last minute!
  • Send final showflow to AV team and give a copy to your team as well

On the day (Woo-hoo it’s event day!)

  • Say hi to everyone with a smile on your face. Your mood sets the tone! Coffee helps.
  • Have any sponsor shipments brought to their booth space
  • Set out all conference signage
  • Venue walkthrough with volunteers so they know the space *ideally someone one your team other than you can do this (be sure to show restrooms, mainstage, where food/coffee will be, etc.)
  • Registration set :30 minutes earlier than you plan. There will always be attendees who arrive early. Prepare for lines when the crowd comes
  • Green room set for speakers - make sure a member of your team will be free to escort speakers here after they check-in
  • Know when sponsors will arrive - make sure to introduce them to their on-site contact who can help with anything they need (giving them a mobile # to text is always a nice touch!)
  • Have a few volunteers available to support sponsor setup needs +  have them plan to bring sponsors lunch during break - this is a big networking hour for them, want to make sure they get food and they really appreciate it.
  • Final run through with AV team - bring printed out show flows
  • Quick stage rehearsal before doors open
  • Stay calm + enjoy the amazing event you put together!