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Over the past year Stripe Atlas has incorporated thousands of companies and is helping entrepreneurs across the United States and around the world start and grow their businesses. We’re excited to announce that Stripe Atlas will be launching some exciting new features. Users will see a new website and dashboard, have faster access to a bank account, and be able to learn from the Atlas online community of entrepreneurs.

Stripe Atlas Guides

We are excited to share Stripe Atlas guides to running an internet business—a library of authoritative, actionable guidance for starting and scaling a company.

Stripe Atlas is developed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start companies. As Stripe worked with founders, They realized that many of the mechanics of building a business are opaque, poorly documented, and difficult to get a straight answer on. With the Stripe Atlas guides, they decoding these business mechanics—from bookkeeping and taxes to pitching investors—all in one place.

Click here to check out the Stripe Atlas guides

You’ll also find a new guide to  finding your first 10 customers. Stripe will be publishing new guides regularly—once or twice a month—and you can subscribe to get updates there.

Once a Startup has learnt the basics, it's a good idea to get a bank account and documentation... see "What Do Startups Get With Stripe Atlas" below to continue...

This is available via the Startup Grind network


The Business of SaaS

These  guides will help founders better understand the state of play of SaaS businesses, anticipate whether to sell their product on a low-touch or high-touch model, and evaluate a SaaS business’ health. The pricing guide includes specific feedback on pricing pages, naming plans, and examples.

Here's the link to the LATEST GUIDE


  1. Company incorporation
  2. Faster access to your bank account
  3. Stripe account and access to the full Stripe product suite
  4. Special offers on startup services

Company Incorporation Details:

  • Corporation incorporated in Delaware
  • Signed Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Consent
  • IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Free templates for common startup post-incorporation legal needs

Special Offers Details:

  • Up to $5,000 of free credits from Amazon Web Services
  • Flat-rate packages for post-incorporation legal advice and tax return preparation
  • Free consultation with a lawyer and an accountant
  • $350 for post-incorporation legal advice
  • $1,000 for tax return preparation


Atlas users pay a $500 one-time fee to establish their company, bank account, and Employer Identification Number. 

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Code: Atlas-StartupGrind 

There’s no limit to how many entrepreneurs you can share it with via email, at events, to partners, and any other creative way you can think of! 

Here is a kit with more information to help you take advantage of being an Atlas Network member. 

You can tell the world about our partnership and Atlas’ new features, send an announcement email to your community ( Here’s a draft for you to customize!) Sharing your feedback and experiences will help us improve and grow. 

Contact at any time. We look forward to our continued work together.


Q: Does the Silicon Valley based bank allow one to have credit/debit card along with the account, or connect it with paypal? - and if it is a Debit/Credit card - is that shipped to a person, and are there costs involved with that?

A: Yes, Atlas users get a debit card from Silicon Valley Bank. The shipping cost is included in the Atlas fee.  Users also have seamless access to Stripe payment products as needed.
Q: Is the $25 per month fee paid forever, while you have an active account through you, and does that amount increase or decrease over time based on certain criteria etc? - Maybe some background info on that would be great.

A: The $25 per month fee is set, but many companies, as they grow, work directly with SVB account managers to use the banking products and rates that make the most sense for their given stage.