How can I resend a ticket?

If an attendee contacted you saying that they haven't received a ticket, you can resend the ticket to them directly from the Dashboard.

Select the event in question, go to "Attendee" tab and find the attendee who contacted you by searching their name or e-mail  address.

Once you find them, click on the 3 dots icon "..." on the far right hand side and select "Resend Ticket Email", just like the screenshot below:

Even if the attendee used an invalid e-mail address during registration (ie. typo when entering their email address), you can resend the ticket to the correct address on the next pop-up screen, see example below:

Please ask them to check their Spam Folder and make sure they haven't got any automated filters that delete/archive e-mails from Startup Grind.

If they still cant receive their ticket via e-mail, you can let them know that attendees can login to their personal Startup Grind account and select "My Tickets" from the menu on the far right hand side, see screenshot below:

They will be directed to a dedicated pages where they should be able to see all the tickets they purchased through Startup Grind. 

All they have to do is click on the "Ticket" button and their .PDF ticket will be saved on their local hard drive. See example below: