How can I set-up a 2-for-1 ticket?

A cool way to boost ticket sales is to offer 2-for-1 tickets!

Founders are usually coming to Startup Grind with their co-founders, so if both of them can get in and pay only 1 ticket, it's a great save for them and more attendees for you. We call this win-win!


  • Ticket Title: Valentine (2 for 1)
  • Ticket Description: Use this ticket to save money and bring a friend or partner. Purchases online are always cheaper than at the door.
  • Ticket Price: half  price of what you usually charge
  • Ticket allowed per order:
    • Min = 2
    • Max = 2

That's it, you're all set, happy selling! 


Notice the price is set to 60 ZAR which is half price of the full ticket (120 ZAR)

Order Page

That's what users will see on the event page:

So when they go to check out, they pay 120 ZAR + fees (which is equal to the standard ticket price) but receive 2 tickets ;)

Checkout Page: