GFS | Google for Startups (G4S / GFS) - What Is It?

Google for Startups is a dedicated division within Google that support the top tech hubs, Incubator programs and Startup Initiatives (like Startup Grind) who in turn help and impact the most amount of startups globally. Since 2011, they have launched Campuses and formed partnerships that support entrepreneurs across 125 countries.

Google for Startups also builds Campuses where entrepreneurs can learn, connect, and create companies that will change the world. See a Campus near you here:

Basic FAQ

What does being a partner with Google for Startups mean?

You are part of a  global network of 50 partners around the world and 6 Campuses, Google’s owned and operated physical spaces that support startups.  Google for Startups sponsors the Startup Grind global conference, and we look forward to meeting the Startup Grind Directors at that event each year. We have been partners since 2013 and our support has helped Startup Grind grow to 115 countries!

How does Google for Startups support and engage with local chapters?

Google for Startups are a global sponsor of Startup Grind (which is based in the US) so we have "Startup Grind, powered by Google for Startups" on all of our promotional material. The Google for Startups team is not directly involved with every chapter in each city/country, but they hope Google offices will engage locally, and many do. This can be offering space for free to support a Startup Grind event, connecting local Startup Grind directors to local Google offices for speaker requests, etc.

Is the “powered by Google for Startups” an exclusive partnership?

Google for Startups partners with many different organizations globally and does not include exclusivity in any of their agreements.  They want their partners to engage with organizations and sponsors that are the best fit to support startup communities in markets around the world.  

How can I get in touch with my local Google office?

Please contact your community manager and they can work with Google for Startups to make the right connections.

We need local sponsorship for local events, will Google sponsor?

Regarding Google sponsorship for local Startup Grind events, since Google for Startups sponsor Startup Grind at the global level, they don't sponsor (financially) local events but can support with space, invites, speakers, etc.   If Google offices or Google for Startups partner spaces host a Startup Grind event, it would be great to offer their community a few tickets or something in return if possible.

Here is a video that explains it bit more... 

  • p.s. Keep an eye out for Karlie, Francisco and Derek ;)

So what does this actually mean?

  • GFE provides (A LOT) of support for startups
  • See all their offerings here:
  • GFE Provides dedicated spaces in specific countries
  • Find a spot here:
  • The incubator programs, tech hubs and organisations that they support form part of their Google for Startups Partner Network. This means that all the partners (of which Startup Grind is one) work together and help each other - which takes support for startups to another level.
  • See all the partners here: