How a Member Can Join Your Community

In order for a member in your community to join your chapter they have 3 options

  1. Purchase a ticket
  2. Signup to the newsletter, specific to that chapter
  3. Join your chapter as a member (needs to be logged in)

1.) Purchase Ticket

When a member purchases a ticket they are automatically created a profile (this is how members can signup to the site without using LinkedIn)

They are then also added to your membership database as well as your newsletter

They are then able to log into the site with the email they bought the ticket with. If they don't know their password, they can click the "reset password" button.

If they are ALREADY a member and logged in, they will then be able to purchase a ticket with ONE click.

2.) Signup to newsletter

If the user is not a member and does not have a website profile, then they can signup to the newsletter on your chapter page (see screenshots below). 

This will not create a profile for them.

3.) Already a member of Startup Grind

If the user is a member of Startup Grind (bought a ticket to another chapter somewhere else in the world) and not part of your specific chapter, they can JOIN your community when logged in.

Join a chapter/newsletter

Here are 3 different way to signup to the newsletter depending on the state the user is in:

A.) Logged in AND a member of your chapter

B.) Logged in and NOT a chapter member of your chapter

C.) NOT logged in