Lesson #1: Startup Grind Values


Key To Our Success

Along with our world class directors, our values are what enable us to build strong communities in hundreds of cities around the world. 

We believe that our values are what have brought us this far and have connected us with incredible entrepreneurs, organizations, and sponsors around the world. When representing Startup Grind, please keep these values in mind at all times. From interacting and meeting new people during an event to introducing and interacting with the speakers, these values should always be followed. Without these we are just another networking event!


By living our values you will create the best event in town - the one that your attendees will want to attend because it is where they catch up with, learn from and do business with their friends.

3 ways you can live the values at each event:

- Greet each attendee with a warm smile, handshake and enthusiastic welcome.  Get to know them a bit and then connect them to someone else in the room

- Plant ambassadors in the room that do the same thing. Don't let anyone in the crowd feel awkward - help them connect

- Create a culture where every interaction ends with the question: How can I help you?

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