Lesson #5: Your Team


Building an Awesome Team

Inviting inspiring speakers, conducting interesting interviews, and working with cool sponsors all help make a great Startup Grind chapter. But, it's having a small team helping with the day-to-day tasks that makes running an event a lot more manageable on a consistent monthly basis. By adding a few team members you can spread out the responsibilities and work efficiently.

Learn here how to run a big team of volunteers

Running a Startup Grind chapter can get overwhelming quickly but growing your team will help to run monthly events and make a great Startup Grind chapter. Learn here how to set the foundation for a strong Startup Grind chapter and grow your team to 30 more volunteers.

Watch this great video: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCzSITujhIw and download here the PDF. 

Volunteers Vs Team Members

Our advice is to have 1-5 core team members - people that assist during the month and at events. And, have a few volunteers - people that help on the day of the event. We find that volunteers come and go over time, but they can be anyone from students studying eventing, through to successful entrepreneurs wanting to give back some time.



You are free to add team members and give them various titles to help them identify their roles and responsibilities. The only title and responsibility that is restricted is that of Co-Director. That title is reserved for a key person who acts as your partner in running the chapter.

Co-Directors must go through an application process. During the application process they will get a quick interview with someone from HQ and, once approved, do the online training so they know how to use our systems and tools. Please only add co-directors that will be with you for a long time as we do give them systems access. Co-Directors are eligible to attend the Director's retreat at the Global Conference each February, but those approved after November 1st are not eligible to attend the upcoming conference - they must wait until the next year.

Chapter Email Address Limit

Regarding email accounts, each Classic SG chapter (larger cities) has a limit of 2 Startup Grind email addresses: 1 for the Director and 1 for a Co-Director or a team email address. Use them wisely ;)  Each SGx chapter and each gets 1 Startup Grind email address (for the Director) and SGu chapters do not get a Startup Grind email address.


The crazy  #TeamJaws from Startup Grind Cape Town ;)

For more info on how to build and manage your team check out this entire category in our help library:  http://help.startupgrind.com/collection/87-team

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