Lesson #12: Ongoing Help + Training

We are always here for you :)

Congrats!  You have made it through basic training : )

The learning and support doesn't stop here, though.  We have all kinds of resources and help available to ensure you and your chapter are a success.

Help Library

We have a very robust library containing tips, tricks and helpful education on how to build and run a successful chapter.  You can access that anytime at help.startupgrind.com.  There you can browse by topic or simply search.  

If you just can’t find the answer you need you can click to contact us on that page and we’ll jump in to help.  Who will jump in?  Good question...

Meet the Community Team

We care about the success of each chapter around the world.  One way you can see that is that we have invested in a community team, a group of individuals who - together - cover the world.  You have been working with your region’s community manager throughout this process.  He/she is always available to help you.  The best way to reach out to them with questions is to email ford@startupgrind.com.

Why/Who is Ford?

Ford@startupgrind.com is our official customer service and support email for our internal team (tip of the hat to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). ;)  The responses you get will often come from your Community Manager that you already know.  But, in the event that person is not available one of our other CM's will step in to help you.  

p.s. Ford Prefect is the person that helps the main character (Arthur) through all the space travel. Therefore he is both a guide and rescuer... therfore... reach out to ford@startupgrind.com for guidance or help :)

So, remember ford@startupgrind.com - Your new best friend!  

Office Hours

Sometimes you just can't replace a chance to chat live, right?  We agree, so we often host webinar-like events called Office Hours where you can come to learn more and get a chance to chat live with your community manager + other Directors. They are usually recorded, bookmark this page to keep up on the dates for upcoming events in your time zone + check out the videos of previous events here: http://help.startupgrind.com/article/230-office-hours-watch-the-videos.

Your Peers

Some of your best learning will come from conversations with other Directors.  As mentioned, you can reach out in our private Slack group and our exclusive Facebook group to start building those relationships.  

Global Event

SAVE THE DATE to join us in Silicon Valley for our awesome Director’s retreat each February.  Not only is it an incredibly fun time - it is also your chance to join in on all kinds of conversations and hear all kinds of ideas from other chapter Directors.  Be there!


So where you do you go from here?  Get busy planning and publishing your first event!  You can publish as soon as you have a date, venue and speaker.  Your target is to host your first event in the next 45 days.  So, get busy!!

And again, welcome to the team.  We are happy you are here!