Attendee Check-in + Check-in App (Bevy App)

Check in permissions

All Chapter Directors and Co-Directors can check attendees in via the  Bevy Dashboard and Bevy Organizer Mobile App

You can now add teams members as "Check-in Staff", which grants them access to the Dashboard and App with check-in access only.

To add a team member as "Check-in Staff", login to your Bevy Dashboard, and make sure you're in the "Settings" section looking at the "Team" tab. In the "Select a user to add to the Chapter's team" search bar search for the team member and click on the relevant person to add them to the team.

Once you've clicked on the person, you'll be asked to specify their title and under "Select Role" choose "Check-in Staff: Check in access only" and click save. This person will now have Dashboard and Mobile App access to check-in attendees at all of your events.

Bevy Virtual Event Check in

When hosting virtual events in Bevy using the Zoom integration or the Bevy Virtual, attendee check in will be automatic if attendees click on the Bevy Permalink. It takes place starting 15 minutes prior to the event start time through the event end time. For example, if your event starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:00pm, automatic check in will happen between 5:45pm - 7:00pm. Any attendees who join using the Bevy Permalink during this window will be checked in automatically. No additional work is required to check in attendees.

Check in via Bevy Dashboard

Login to your Bevy Dashboard, and make sure you're in the "Events" section looking at the "Attendees" tab. In the search bar type in the name of the attendee, this will refine the list of attendees to show the most relevant result.

Once you've found the correct attendee simply click on the "Check in" box to mark the attendee as checked in. Once checked in, the "Check in" box will change from empty to green and checked:

Check in via Bevy Organizer App

Download Here

You can now also use the Bevy Organizer mobile app to check attendees in for your events. Simply go to the Google Play or Apple App Stores and search for "Bevy Organizer" and download the app.

Once downloaded, type in the Community URL which is ""

login to the app using your Bevy Dashboard (i.e. Startup Grind) login details

Click on the relevant event to load the attendee list. As per the Startup Grind Dashboard (aka Bevy Dashboard), you can simply search for the attendee with their name, and swap left the attendee as checked in. Remember, if you swipe again, you'll undo the action you've just done.

You may also check in an attendee by scanning the QR code of their respective ticket.

The Bevy Mobile Check in app, also gives the flexibility of adding manually an attendee and checking them in.