Official Email Signature

This page is all about our official Startup Grind Email Signature.

We have 2 official signatures, you may choose whichever you prefer. See the options below, choose one, then see how to implement it below the styles.

Option 1 | Inline Style

Option 2 | Table Style

  1. For Inline style, please go HERE | For Table style please go HERE
  2. Press the green "RUN" button to get the result
  3. The email signature will be generated.
  4. Select ALL the information in RIGHT hand side (CTRL/CMD + A)
  5. Copy the email signature
  6. Paste into Google Signature Area - under settings in Gmail (You can find that HERE)
  7. Once pasted in, please update the text to reflect YOUR details.

Video How To: Add SG Signature

To add the Official Startup Grind Logo, please see how it's done in the GIF below: