Create Videos

Catch the attention of people looking through social media, and create videos and get more signups!

Linkedin is great for videos - and Facebook and Instagram also help push videos to audiences.

Some Examples

Some of these videos were time-consuming and expensive to make, some where with stock videos and relatively quick and easy to make, either way, used correctly, can make a big impact on future events, and great for marketing!

Here's a great Pre-Event video to get more signups from Durban (They get up to 250 people into a room each month!) -

Tel Aviv
Great Pre-Party video to get signup from Tel Aviv (they had 546 signups with ONE HOUR!!!) -

Here's another good example of a wrap-up video (Nice for those that attended, and great for getting more attending and interest from people on the web) -

Here's a great Event Wrapup Video from Munich (makes you want to attend the next event, look at the quality and what's going on) -


Here's some software to help make eye-catching videos (If you have more suggestions, please let us know!!