What is this document and why am I writing it?

I have heard from a number of Directors that they don’t have a clear understanding of either the Startup Exhibition or the Startup Program.

It seems that centralising all information about the Program (which is now set to evolve a lot), as well as answers to any FAQs would help/incentivise Directors to become more involved. From my conversations so far, becoming “more involved” seems to mean anything from suggesting ideas for improvement, encouraging startups in your area to apply, and selling the value to partners of getting involved.

So, from now on, this page will be that central repository of all information startup-related. It is a dynamic and working page, so will be constantly updated (currently in MVP stage, so bear with me... :-) ).

Alex Gordon-Furse

Email: agf@startupgrind.com
Slack: @agf

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Startup Exhibition vs Startup Program

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