Startup Exhibition vs Startup Program

What is the difference between the Startup Exhibition and the Startup Program?

Please note, as of August 2018, these definitions are changing. Below is the information about what each will mean from now on...

The Startup Exhibition is only the exhibition of startups that takes place at the Conferences (Europe, Global and maybe more over time)... More info in ‘Startup Exhibition’ section.

‘Accelerate’ is the new name for our ‘invite-only’, exclusive community of the best startups from each Conference (i.e. the cumulative Top 20s from each Europe Conference and Top 50s from each Global Conference). More info in ‘Accelerate’ section and in the new deck we have created for partners, which will be available as soon as it is completed. And yes, we will be doing an exciting announcement about our re-branded ‘invite-only’, exclusive startup community…! :-)

The ‘Startup Program’ is now the catch-all term for both the Startup Exhibition and Accelerate.

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