• What is our target startup profile?
    • At the moment, the only target profile we have is <$3m funding for Grind Package and >$3M funding for the Growth Package. This is likely to change and become more specialised over time though, especially as we align with more partners on Accelerate
  • How do I refer/recommend startups to you for the Exhibition?
    • We will create a more efficient process for this as soon as we can, but for now: 
      • Tell as many startups as possible to apply at www.startupgrind.com/startup/
      • Tell Alex Gordon-Furse (@agf on Slack) about every startup you know has applied because of your recommendation
      • Alex and his team will track the list of referred startups and keep Directors updated on their progress through Office Hours calls and on Slack
      • Referred startups will get $200 off their application fee if referred*
      • Directors will get referral commission of $100 per closed startup towards airfare to Global Conference!
  • What if my recommended startups can’t afford the prices stated above?
    • At the moment I am keen to speak to Directors on an ad-hoc basis who have this problem, so that we can try and craft a solution based on existing examples
    • I am also trying to speak to Regional Corporates who could sponsor a subset of the best startups for each region
  • What if I think that the current Startup Exhibition/Accelerate process doesn’t suit my region?
    • Please contact me and we can discuss your thoughts
  • What are the criteria for startup selection?
    • At the moment this has not been standardised, however it is a process the Startup team is working on and aims to make more transparent
    • Generally speaking, we ask them questions and evaluate across the classic areas of: product, market & team
  • In the past I have not been kept updated on whether or not my referred startups have been accepted. Will this change?
    • Yes, we are looking for the best way to create a public startup pipeline/funnel. Please keep track of this in the Feature Roadmap below
  • What type of investors do we want on the Exhibition/Accelerate?
    • Any (regional or global) investors who align with the stages of each Package (e.g. seed-stage investors for Grind Package and Series A/B investors for the Growth Package) should be referred to Alex Gordon-Furse
  • What types of partners do we want on the Exhibition/Accelerate?
    • We are open to any and all local and regional partners. If you have a partner in mind that you think would work at the Global level, we would love to speak to you about them. Please contact Alex

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