What’s the tl;dr of the Startup Membership?

The new Startup Membership brings the best of our highly engaged global community – which commonly gathers offline at live events – online. This virtual membership allows those immersed in the startup and tech worlds to connect with each other through an exclusive global network and gain access to uniquely tailored opportunities, including curated content, intimate roundtables, investor introductions, partner discounts, and more.

As a member, you’ll get access to our online community which consists of experts and peers from around the world including other entrepreneurs & their teams, partners, investors, mentors and Startup Grind Chapter Directors.

Currently, the Startup Membership includes two tiers: Grind + Growth.

What’s the difference between the Startup Membership’s Grind tier and Growth tier?

We’ve created these membership tiers based on the two most common stages & requirement sets of the startups we engage with –

  • Grind: An entry-level membership that grants startups access to exclusive Startup Grind content, services and events. Recommended for early stage startups that have typically raised less than $3M in funding.
  • Growth: A premium membership offering an even more highly-curated overall experience across events, networking & exposure. Recommended for more advanced early-stage companies that have typically raised between $3M-$10M in funding and are moving towards the growth stage of their trajectory

If I am accepted, how will I access the membership?

If your application to become a member of the Grind or Growth tier is accepted, you will receive an email that redirects you to the online membership portal, where you can pay your membership fee & gain access to your membership and all the benefits that come with it.