Objection Handling

  • “I can’t afford that amount of money just to exhibit at a Conference”
    • We understand that there are cheaper Conferences out there, but we have run thousands of events globally for many years and know we add a lot more value than cheaper Conferences. I can send you testimonials from some of the Startups who have attended if you like?
    • In addition to the many benefits of our Conference, you also have the opportunity to become part of our exclusive Accelerate community, which gives selected startups opportunities for investor meetings, collaboration with corporates, partner introductions & discounts, mentorship, pitch training, content, education/coaching, and broad exposure within our community
  • “I’d rather go to WebSummit or TechCrunch Disrupt, as they are way bigger”
    • While we understand the draw of some of these larger conferences, we have heard that the sheer number of attendees and startups can drown out your unique message
    • We have also heard that the average quality of our startups is much higher due to our vetting process, where we pick only 10-12% of startups that apply
    • Our key differentiator is definitely customer experience. Our company is more accessible and supportive and the Conference setting is much more intimate, which means people are more willing to talk and exchange ideas
  • “I don’t have the time to go through the application process”
    • The initial application form takes only 2-3 minutes. Following that, there is a short due diligence call with the team. That’s all that is required to exhibit, if you are selected
  • [To prospective partners, as above] “Why should I become a partner?”
  • We’re looking for strategic partners who are looking to work with this highly-curated, exclusive group within our global community of entrepreneurs: Accelerate
    • Accelerate identifies fast-growth, high potential, early-stage companies built by founders we think have what it takes to get to the next level. If you’re looking to gain exposure to, collaborate with, learn from, and/or sell to our unique, pre-qualified global community of startups and startup partners, then let’s talk about how you can get involved
  • N.B. the deck (in the Useful Links section) is the best area for more information on partnership options & benefits, as it will be kept up to date
    • (When sending the deck) In this deck there are some ideas on how you could get involved. Each one of our partnerships is highly customised and we're very open to (and prefer) collaboration. Nothing is cookie-cutter at Startup Grind: our team will work closely with you to develop a partnership that best combines your goals with the opportunity we are offering

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