Why Startup Grind works with people and not entities

We often get asked "why does Startup Grind work with individuals rather than with organizations?"or "can we run a Startup Grind chapter through our organization?". 

The answer is simple. Like many startup programs, VCs, accelerators and other institutions, we believe in the person above all. It is the people behind each Startup Grind chapter - the Directors and teams that hustle month after month to put on amazing events, bring inspiring speakers on stage, support local entrepreneurs and build startup communities - that we work with.

While our chapter directors are often affiliated with various entities from incubators to economic development agencies to co-working spaces and startups - we know that people evolve and jobs and roles can change. And so, we don't want the health and sustainability of any chapter to be affected by that. 

Our Director's acknowledge that running a chapter is not a paid position and they are able to run a chapter by being an authorized licensee and independent contractor of Startup Grind. It is for these reasons that we work directly with individuals and have designed all of our systems and processes to support this relationship.