GEW - Global Entrepreneurship Week

In November 2019 we'll be hosting events within Global Entrepreneurship Week organised by GEN (Global Entrepreneurship Network)

Please host your events within 18-24 November 2018

2 Important Things To Note:

  1. Please create all your events on their website, so that they can help market your events - see details below on how to do this
  2. Join our Official "Startup Grind [Official]" page on GEW website ;)
  3. There are some really cool art assets that you can make use of - see info below

How To Add Your Event on Their Site

  • Please go to their site and sign in (or create an account):
  • Once signed in, go to the "create events" page here:
  • Insert all your event details and submit
  • Send the URL of the event on their page, so that we can get them to add to both our newsletters

For more details on how to do this, see their help document here:

Their Home Page is:

Join SG Website

The official Startup Grind Organisation is here: - please do join it,

  • Once signed up onto GEW website, go to your profile
  • Scroll down to "Additional Biography" section and click on it to open it up

  • Scroll down to "Organisation Name" section
  • Search for "Startup Grind [Official]" and it should find our official organisation

Where To Find The Art Assets

We have some really great art assets for SGc (Startup Grind Classic) + SGx and SGu

  • Please log into your Startup Grind email account
  • Go here (once logged into SG account) to access the templates:
  • You will see the "GEW 2019" templates in the middle of the page
  • Click on the template you want to use, and insert your info and speaker images etc.
  • Once done, click on `File` -> `Download As` -> and select the format you wish to use
  • Share on all social media channels and to VIP peeps via email

Art Assets Available

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