Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a way to track conversions from Facebook Ads.

Here for more info: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755

If you are using Facebook Ads / Facebook Events - you can now track them as they land on your event pages. There are Several parts to ensure this entire process works.

  1. Create Facebook Pixel (Here for info)
  2. Add the Facebook pixel to your website (See below on how to do that)
  3. Track actions that matter to your business (follow steps in here)
  4. Note: the Facebook pixel embedded on Startup Grind website, can track 3 parameters - detailed below

Step 2 - Add FB Pixel to Site

To add the Facebook pixel to your event page, follow these steps:

  1. Create event on Bevy Dashboard
  2. Under "event tracking" add in the Facebook Pixel ID (only the ID Numer, not the entire html code)
  3. Click "Save & Publish" to save & publish the event

Here's a GIF showing how it's done

Step 4 - What will be tracked

As mentioned, the FB Pixel on the Startup Grind Event Page will track 3 things:

  1. Pixel fires when landing on the page
    • This tracks when someone has landed on your event page from Facebook event or ad
  2. Pixel fires when requesting to purchase a ticket (i.e. before paying) 
    • When someone clicks the "buy" button but has NOT bought a ticket... they will then get asked to either log in, or fill in name and credit card details etc. Hot Tip - If you see a big drop-off here than it means either your pricing is too steep, or they had issues purchasing a ticket.
  3. Pixel fires once you've successfully bought a ticket
    • This tracks when someone has bought a ticket
    • This allows you to know that someone came via your Facebook Event or Facebook Advert and actually bought a ticket as a direct result of your advertising efforts.

Below is a graph showing you what a well setup Facebook Pixel's Results will look like - with explanation below...

  • You can see that there were 1600 pageviews...
  • of the 1600 pageviews, 96 of them proceeded to purchase a ticket...
  • of those 96 people only 58 actually bought a ticket as a direct result of Facebook Advertising.