Can I co-host an event with another group?

Yes, you can co-host, but you cannot co-brand - The only exception to this is if it's a Party - for example a end-of year party could be a eco-system party.

You need to stack things to primarily highlight your local chapter. For instance, the event should be a Startup Grind event, and you must control the sign up/attendee list. You can make them a partner. Also, remember, if it's a Startup Grind event it must be a fireside chat or a party (no pitch events, etc).

You can also host a Startup Grind event inside of a bigger event, but once again, you need to ensure your branding is foremost while your event is taking place, and you need to allow people to purchase tickets via our official website. If it is within a larger conference, then you need to find a compromise to allow both your attendees, as well as their attendees to gain access to your event.