AWS Global Partnership

We’re thrilled to welcome AWS as a Global Partner of Startup Grind. 

In the past, we’ve defined a “Global Partnership” as one which includes “Global Sponsor” branding on all chapters (ie. Google for Startups). Moving forward, a “Global Sponsor” or “Global Partner” will be defined as a partner who’s minimum year-long commitment reaches a global audience in various ways. Global Partnerships will not necessarily include “Global Sponsor” logo placement on all chapters (perhaps only some), as is the case with AWS. 

The AWS x SG partnership focuses on the sponsorship of key chapters/regions (already identified), custom marketing campaigns, and other unique programs tailored to reaching our startup and investor network. 

You are welcome to send an email to if you have any questions, feedback, concerns, or interest with regard to our partnership with AWS. 

Below, we break down each of the new and existing elements of the AWS x SG Global partnership. 

  • AWS Local 

Our ‘AWS Local’ partnership involves 7 Chapters in the US and Europe. The Bay Area (Silicon Valley + San Francisco, US), Chicago (US), NYC (US) and Seattle (US) in the USA and Berlin (DE), Dublin (IE) and London (GB) in Europe. The chapters were chosen by AWS after reviewing an analysis from SG. We will see the chapters host 10 events over a 12 month period. AWS will be listed as a ‘Global Sponsor’ only for these 7 chapters. This is currently a 12 month partnership until July 2021. It is possible that this partnership expands to more chapters if recognized as successful. 

AWS is currently not a ‘Global Sponsor’ on all chapters. They do however have these above local chapter sponsorship arrangements in Europe and the USA, as well as Africa (below) where you will see their logo listed as a ‘Global Sponsor’.

  • Virtual Events & AMAs                                           

Four times per year, we’re collaborating with AWS to produce virtual events featuring AWS customers as speakers. These impactful workshops and sessions have been some of our most successful HQ-virtual events hosted in the past 3-months. They have been both beneficial to AWS, their customers, and our community in attendance. The remaining 2 events are due to be hosted in September or October. 

  • ‘Startup Toolkit’ - Medium Column

'Startup Toolkit'presented by AWS is a monthly column on Medium that helps amplify AWS’ content and thought leadership within the startup ecosystem. 

  • Activate Credits - Partner Page  

Beginning Jan 2021, AWS Activate will live on our partner page, with a broader offer for our community at large. We will use this link/offer exclusively as the public offer to the SG community (until then, see below).  They will have a private and higher-value offer which is available to members only. 

  • Mentorship Program - Startup Members 

Throughout the year, AWS hosts virtual mentorship sessions and roundtables with select startups from our global 2020 startup program and now membership. These will be led by AWS team leads, designed to help educate and mentor our startups on topics they need support on. All startups must be members to participate.

  • Mentorship Month (April 2020) 

Yet to be determined if this will be a recurring month, AWS hosted a “mentorship month” with us in April 2020. All speakers and content supported the topic of mentorship. AWS local teams tapped into their local chapters to engage in some regions. This event helped us launch/announce the mentorship program. The event by numbers:

  • 242 Unique Events
  • 510 Mentorship Applications

Promoting AWS in the community 

The main offer available to share with your community is access to AWS Activate Credits. Depending on the startup, they can access up to $100K in AWS Activate Credits. Please note that this offer is subject to application and the value of credit awarded is determined by AWS. Non funded startups should choose the Founder package option at application.

Members of your community can start the initial application process via this form

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