What automated emails are being sent out?

Few things to note:

  • Currently the wording on the emails cannot be changed from chapter to chapter
  • If you wish to STOP these emails - as they are created under "emails" in your dashboard, you can cancel them out 
  • The link in the "Ticket Confirmation" email is a dynamic link, so will always take attendee to LATEST Bevy event page/ external URL, and if you have not put in a location link, it will take the attendee to your event page
  • The other emails do not currently work with dynamic link, but will take your user to your event page - dynamic linking will be coming soon tho.

Ticket Confirmation Email

Once your attendee purchases their ticket they automatically receive a confirmation email with their ticket and event information.  

24 Hour Reminder to Attendees

This email is deployed to attendees with tickets 24 hours before the  event begins

1 Hour Reminder to Attendees

This email is deployed one hour before your event begins and is only sent to attendees who have purchased tickets

Post Event Survey

Twenty minutes after your event has concluded your registered attendees will receive this email to fill in their feedback in a brief survey

Event Published

When event is published, an email is sent immediately to your members

Event Cancelled

20 minutes after an event is cancelled, an email is sent to those who have purchased tickets (not all members) 

Chapter Team Member Joined

When a team member joins your chapter, you, your team members and the person that joined as a team member get the following email

Welcome to Site

When someone joins Startup Grind website as a new member, the receive the below message (please note, they also receive a message when they click on the "join chapter" - which is seen below)

Welcome to Chapter

When a new member joins your chapter, they receive the following email 20 minutes after joining your chapter

Chapter Contact Message

When someone clicks on "contact host" on event or chapter pages, they asked to fill in a form - once they do, an email is sent to the team members listed on that chapter page

Event Wrap Up

When an event is completed - a "wrap up" email is sent to the Chapter Director with instructions on what to do to wrap up the event

Order Notification

When someone purchases a ticket, an order notification is sent to all team members listed onthe chapter page

Order Refund

When a refund is initiated, the user will receive an email with information about the refund

Sponsor Invoice Created

When you create a new sponsor, and invoice is generated and an email is sent ONLY to the director - it's the responsibility of the director to send the invoice to the sponsor. There is a link inside the invoice where the sponsor can pay. If they pay via that link, the below email "Sponsor Invoice Paid" email will auto trigger.

Sponsor Invoice Paid

When a sponsor makes payment via the correct link in the sponsor invoice (not via other methods, ONLY via payment link in sponsor invoice) - an email is sent to the director