AWS Africa Partnership

Starting July 2021 - AWS Will be sponsoring select chapters in Africa. In order to take part, you need to be in Africa and you need to host events every month - below is the information you need

Steps to Follow:

  1. Read and sign the MOU (Need to be logged into SG Account to see this link)
  2. Goto and complete the signup form
  3. Go through the AWS Africa PlayBook to know what needs to be done
  4. Create a DRAFT event and apply for Zoom URL here: (please always use OFFICIAL SG ZOOM ACCOUNT!!)
  5. Share the AWS Activate Credit link with your community via Newsletters, Social Media & while on stage:
  6. Ensure to play the INTRO VIDEO at start of every event (included in the template mentioned below)
  7. Use this template to create the slides to share with your attendees at start of your events via screen share
  8. Feel free to play music at very start to create a cool vibe - here's a playlist you can use
    1. Spotify:
    2. SoundCloud:
  9. Report EVERY month with proof of attendance:

p.s. All events are automatically listed on this page: (if after 1 hour your event is not up here, please send an email!)