China Directors Manual

SG Tools


Since the Startup Grind website is only accessible with VPN in China, we needed to choose an event management platform that meets the local demands. Thus, Startup Grind has created a main-account on Huodongxing, which will be used as an official registration platform for all Chapters in China mainland (excluding HK and Taiwan). Before your first event, each chapter needs to create their own sub-account, which will be added to the Startup Grind Greater China main-account. Please create your own Huodongxing chapter account with your own phone number. You will need a Chinese ID in order to create this account, so please use your own or ask a Chinese team member to provide this for you. Share with your APAC community manager afterward the phone number that you have used for registration of your account. Your account will be added as a sub-account to the main-account. 

Click here to watch the HDX tutorial.

Registration Form: 

Startup Grind requires at least First Name, Last Name, Email - you can choose yourself if you would like to have any additional registration fields listed for attendees. 


We have a WeChat group with the product managers of HDX, they help us to solve any problems that should come up with the platform. Please reach out to your APAC community manager to be invited into this WeChat group. 


In China, you need to have some design tools that will make your WeChat and event posts look nice on Chinese social media. We have decided to standardize to Xiumi. Everything you create here can be shared directly with the Startup Grind Greater China official WeChat account and on your own respective HDX, this way you minimize the platforms you have to use. In the beginning we will share templates with you that you can use for your own chapter or customize them (both in terms of language and design).

How to setup a Xiumi account:

1. Sign up on with your email address. 

2. Once you signed up, bind your email address to the account and send your email address (WeChat her at WeChat ID: Maddy_Madeleine). 

3. We will send you templates which you can use for your posts. You can find the templates in “我的秀米

4. Send the finalized post in Xiumi to

Find here a Xiumi video tutorial and click here to learn how to send a xiumi post to Maddy.


Use this page to create a QR-code, leading to your HDX event page. 

  1. Copy the url of your HDX event page
  2. Paste the link and click “generate QR-code”
  3. Adjust the style to your own needs (You can change colours and design)
  4. Download the QR-code to your computer
WeChat official account

The Greater China official WeChat account can be used for publishing your own chapter events, content, news and partnerships. If you want anything to be posted please reach out to the China Marketing S-W-A-T team. 

Old chapters with existing WeChat accounts are encouraged to also share their content with us to improve the overall China country strategy. 

Chapter Dashboard

Through your dashboard you will manage your chapter. In China we use the dashboard to publish events, send newsletters and other emails to your audience, and update the team members. Additionally, you can update settings like your chapter image, video and social media accounts. You can also manage sponsors and partners, and invoice sponsors.

Please use your dashboard always to publish your events and update your team members. 

Social Media 

To improve the overall China country strategy, we encourage chapter directors to use the official Startup Grind Greater China social media accounts.

In addition to your own city chapter page we created China Greater page to promote events throughout the China. Get in contact with to publish your events on this country page. This is recommended for SGVirtual events, summits and conferences.

  • WeChat ID: Startup_Grind

Bevy: Upload your event FIRST on your own Startup Grind website. Even Though Bevy is Google based and it does not work fine in China, we still need to have the event up on the website to showcase that this is an official Startup Grind event.  

  1. Create the basic Xiumi post
  2. Upload your basic Xiumi post in HDX
  3. Create QR-code directing to your HDX event page
  4. Update your Xiumi post to make it complete with the QR-Code leading to your HDX event page
  5. Send the complete Xiumi post to the China team (to and inform her on WeChat at WeChat ID: Maddy_Madeleine) in order to publish it on our SG Greater China WeChat account or publish it on your official WeChat account if you have already one.
  6. Create a Flyer with the QR-code leading to your HDX event page

Virtual events

You still have access to the HQ Zoom account. Please submit future events here. You can promote your virtual events using only the Zoom link. Just share the zoom link you got as a registration link. 

When you create a QR-code of the Zoom link please use the link from the registration page that includes the word register and not the link you received from your community manager. Just copy and paste the link you received in your browser and copy the url including the word register to create the QR-code.

If you are hosting an event in Chinese and mainly for a Chinese audience, you can use HDX as the registration platform and share the Zoom link with the registrants in HDX. Instead of sharing the Zoom registration link, include the HDX registration link in your event post.