How to Use Bevy Virtual + Livestream

You are now able to join a bevy Virtual event 60 mins before event starts.

We have two new event types that allow you to stream your event virtually onto 4 different streaming services. We'll show you step-by-step how to create the event and begin to stream it. While internally we recognize "Bevy Virtual + Livestream" , Bevy references it as "Bevy Virtual Conference." 

Select Your Event Type

  • Select if you want to host a paid for event: Fireside Chat (SG Virtual + Livestream)
  • Select if you want to host a free event: Fireside Chat (SG Virtual + Livestream) [Free]

1. Fill Out Event Information (General Information)

As you do with any event fill in the following details:

  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Event Description
  • Schedule


The lobby serves as your green room. Before your event begins if you wish to meet with your speaker, team etc.. you can create a lobby within the event. 

Lobby Image

When joining the conference as an attendee this is the image your attendees will see while they wait for the conference to begin

Intro Welcome Message

This is where you can edit the messaging on the home screen for attendees to see when they join the event. As you'll see below we currently have "test" listed as this example text. 

Welcome YouTube Video

This field is required and you will need to put in a YouTube video, we recommend inserting a sponsor video, promotion video of your conference etc..

2. Startups

If you wish to showcase any startups at your conference you can insert their logo and information in. 

3. People

Just like a standard event this is where you can add in your speakers, past speakers, panelists, moderators, and hosts.

4. Sponsors & Partners

Add any of your sponsors and partners to the event page

5. Tickets / RSVP

Add in the ticket types you wish to setup, if you selected for a free event then insert the RSVP information.


After you fill in the event information. You'll want to publish the event and then begin working on filling in your agenda. NOTE: You need to add an agenda item to the stage. Otherwise the video will not load and your attendees won't be able to join.


The stage is your main stage for the event so you should add your most important speakers. Select "add session" to begin listing out the different sessions that you are looking to put on for your conference. Then begin filling in the information on who will be speaking on the main stage. 

Setting up Live Stream

You will only be able to set up streaming once you have published your event. Only after your event has been published will you be able to view and set up the streaming keys.  Bevy Virtual Conference Mainstage to 4 different places at once i.e Youtube, Facebook, Twitch etc.

  • Click Pencil Icon next to Stage Name to open Streaming information.
  • Insert RTMP Details from YouTube, Facebook etc
    • Name - the streaming platform
    • Stream URL - URL that is provided by the streaming services ie YouTube or Facebook
    • Stream Key this is the key provided by the streaming platform
  • Click on Add Stream, to save the stream
  • You can add up to 4 different streaming services.

Please note: Stream is only available for your mainstage. Sessions cannot be streamed at this time. Changing the stream keys from the provider side, will require to remove it from the Bevy Agenda and re-add it. Additionally, you cannot add/remove streams while the stage is already live. You must set it up beforehand.

In order to change stream to another platform while in the middle of broadcasting, you must complete the following steps:

  • Stop broadcasting
  • Delete Key in dashboard
  • Save
  • Add new key to rtmp from Youtube into Bevy Stage agenda
  • Save
  • Go Backstage, and Broadcast again

Back Stage Link

The back stage is your green room. This is the virtual room you send your speakers before your event. This is where you (the host) and your tech support can ensure your speaker's video and audio is working. It is also a good time to review the flow of the event with them. 

It is imperative that speakers join the event with this link. If they join with a standard event link they will be in the audience and will not be able to join the event on stage. The moment you click "broadcast" within your event while in the back stage is the moment that stage goes live for the entire audience to view. 

Please note that only the individuals who have presenter mode turned on will be visible for the audience to see. If you have presenter mode turned off (camera and microphone off) then the audience won't be able to see or hear you.


Sessions are considered your secondary sessions. This would only be used if you are hosting a multi-day event i.e. regional conference or summit.


Booths can be places where sponsors hang out and interact with the attendees or it can be used to play a pre-recorded video that your attendees are able to watch. 

If it is a sponsored booth select "sponsor." If you are hosting a different type of booth select "custom" and then fill in the appropriate information.


Networking is a great place for people to connect throughout your event. If you are hosting a regional conference or summit you'll want to utilize this option. If you are simply hosting a fireside chat you can create a networking session in which attendees can join after your fireside chat. 

Simulcast Targets

Now that you have all your sessions, speakers, and content added for your event you can set up the streaming portion. 

Facebook Streaming

Have your Startup Grind Facebook page pulled up simultaneously in another tab you must be an admin on the page in order to stream the event. 

  • Once on your business page you'll select "publishing tools" 
  • Then click "creator studio" 
  • After selecting the Creator Studio, select "Go Live"
  • You'll then see the section "Live Stream Setup" which holds all of your setup stream keys
  • Then copy and paste your server URL & Stream URL under "stage", "simulcast targets"
  • "Server URL and should always start with "rtmps" 
  • Note that the stream key is only valid for up to 5 hours before your event begins. If you set it up too early and it expires you'll need to reset the stream key and then copy and paste the new key in the event simulcast

Looking for more help?

Bevy has put together an entire help guide that dives more in depth help guide found here.