Bevy Virtual Many to Many

Bevy Virtual Many to Many

Many to Many allows you to create Bevy Virtual events where all attendees, up to a maximum of 50 people can join the session with presenter mode on allowing them to share audio, video, and their screen.

The Many to Many functionality can now support a use case where all attendees that join your event can have audio and video on. 

Kindly note, this only applies to Bevy Virtual (not conferences).

Use Case

Previously, hosts had to manually enable attendee present mode in order to have them engage in the virtual event with audio/video/screen sharing.

Now Bevy Virtual allows one to many and also supports many to many.

How to use Many to Many

Bevy Virtual (non-conference) event type has a new checkbox that allows you to turn it on.

Click on the checkbox, this will change the event to "Many to Many".

Kindly note that this will limit the room to up to 50 registrations and people.

Why only up to a max of 50 people?

Our average number of attendees per event is below 50 and more importantly, there are rarely any scenarios where you'd want to have a large number of people with audio and video on at the same time. 

Running into technical issues?

Please refer back to this article here.