How to Localize Chapter Dashboard

We are excited to announce that bevy has introduced a localized feature on the chapter dashboard. This feature will create an end to end localized experience for you and your chapter members. The feature will allow you to personalize the content on Bevy Dashboard to a language of your choice. Now you may be able to customize your events that look and feel relevant to your intended audience.What is included in the localized feature:

  • Organizer-facing event planning and community management tool access for 21 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (pt-BR), Russian, Spanish (es-419), Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese 
  • End-to-end event configuration functionality: agenda builder, forms 
  • Member management 
  • Local sponsor management 
  • Settings control 
  • Attendee management/visibility 
  • Waitlist management 
  • Discount settings and implementation

What is not included in the localized feature:

  • User-generated content is not included. There is UGC in many places within the tool, including, for example, the names of event types. 
  • Analytics localization 
  • Meetup integration 
  • Email localization
    • Some components within the Email Management tab in the Chapter Dashboard are translated. Some remain unlocalized.
    • Organizers can write an email in a non-English language, which will be sent to the entire selected audience in the language of its writing.
    • We realize that email localization is an urgent need. Our next steps in supporting localized email functionality are to enable per-user language preferences and to provide translations for default versions of automated and system emails 
  • Database-field text in some dropdown fields (ETA mid-November)
    • Chapter active/inactive status dropdowns
    • Currency dropdowns
    • Lead organizer and check-in staff
  • Image size labels have minor formatting issues 
  • Time zone dropdown 
  • Payments are partially localized, depending on third party integration status
  • Known bug: non-Roman-character languages do not display the number of events in each category
  • Known bug: waitlist tooltip hover strings are partially unlocalized
  • Tooltips indicating minimum and maximum number of facilitators, mentors, speakers, etc. are currently unlocalized
  • Startups component (under People tab) is partially localized.

Gentle heads up the localized feature is still on beta test, so you may experience bugs and issues. We appreciate your feedback and recommendations on how to improve the feature for an optimum localized end to end user experience.