Cohosted Events

Chapters can Cohost events with each other.

A co-hosted event is an event that multiple chapters host together. One chapter creates and manages the event and other chapters share it with their members. The event displays with their upcoming events, even newsletters. This means that the event is managed in one place, but displayed on all chapters. Collaborating chapters select the events they want to share with their members, and hosts can see other chapters involved.
What’s new?
Organizers are now able to host events together across chapters and help market them to their members.

Creating a co-hosted event

How do I create a cohosted event if you are the main organizer?

  • Log in to your Startup Grind dashboard and create a new event
  • You are not the Primary event organizer and will be the main person hosting the event
  • Enable to set the event as “cohostable”
  • Once cohosting is enabled and others are cohosting, then you will not be able to make it “non-cohostable”
  • If no one else is cohosting, then you may set the event as “non-cohostable”
  • In this version approval process is not available
  • To see who else is co-hosting the event with you,  go to the newly added “Co-host” tab

The chapter hosting the event manages everything - this includes things like the event details, registration, and emails. Only the host chapter can edit the event and see a list of attendees.

In the dashboard, host chapters see a cohosted event label on the event. Collaborators see the event with a label that has the host chapter's name. 

  • There is a chip showing you that your event is cohostable in your Events List

How do I create a cohosted event if you are the Cohosting Organizer?

You can only collaborate on an event if the event host enables cohosting. That is, you can't share all events on your chapter page - only ones when hosts allow it.

When you decide to collaborate on a cohosted event you are helping market and share the event. You can see the event in the dashboard with your other events and include it in newsletters as an upcoming event, but you can't make any changes.

To start collaborating:

  1. On your community website, go to the event page.
  2. Next to your Dashboard button, click the Cohost event button. You must be signed in to see this button.mceclip4.png
  3. If you're the organizer of more than one chapter, select the chapters you want to add as collaborators. 

Your chapter members see co-hosted events with your other chapter events. When they click on the event, they're taken to the host chapter event page to register.

To stop collaborating:

  1. In the dashboard, select Events in the sidebar menu.
  2. Find the event you want to remove.
  3. Open the menu for the event, and then click Remove event.

What will be an attendee experience

When chapter members look at the upcoming events for their chapter, cohosted events are included in the lists. They have a cohosted label. They don't have to do anything different to register for the event. 

  1. On the Home Page
  2. On the Chapter Page of chapters that are co-hosting the event
  3. On the Upcoming Events list

For more details please visit Bevy info article here