What about registration?

Check-in is very important as it is one of the first impressions entrepreneurs get.

Greeters: Try to have greeters at the door to welcome everyone in and point them in the right direction towards the registration table.

Name tags: Get the name tags ready. It does not have to be anything fancy, just a simple sticker with a white space on it so that attendees can write down their names on it (have a pen ready as well). It's better for the overall networking experience, especially if you more people in the room. Sometimes it's hard to remember the name of everybody you have met during the event (we all know that). :-)

Tickets at the door: If you decide to sell tickets at the door, have a Square reader handy.  Or, simply ask people to go to our website on their phone and buy their ticket online. If you also decide to take cash it is recommended you take some small bills for change and maybe a receipt booklet.

Business cards: If you want, you can ask attendees to give you their business cards at the door. By doing so, you can keep track of what kind of people from which companies (and positions) visit your events.

Sign-up sheet for newsletter: Sometimes people show up last minute and end up buying tickets at-the-door. Have a simply sign-up sheet ready and ask them to fill out their contact info if they wish to be added on your newsletter list.

Before you get on stage get out and talk to anyone and everyone, directors truly set the tune for the rest of the community. Be the most helpful person in the room.