AUG 2017: Sponsorships + BCN Summit + Getting Featured


Photo Credit: Startup Grind Ancona Mid-Year Party at a great summer venue with a pool!

1. Sponsorships for Startup Grind Global Conference 2018

Have you got any sponsor who might be interested in partnering with us for the annual flagship conference in February 2018? We are more than happy to talk! They can be ex-speakers that want to take their business to the next level by building awareness on a global level. Or they can be a sponsor that you’ve worked on a local level but actually has a global presence (ie. a multinational company).

The partnerships team can help you secure a sponsor for global by providing you a custom slide deck and jumping on a call with the prospect sponsor. You can get a 10% finders fee on every introduction that ends with a contract signed off!

Interested? Drop us a line at and we’ll be more than happy to discuss in more detail.

2. Startup Grind Barcelona Summit

Calling all Chapter Directors in South West Europe, North Africa and beyond! We REALLY cannot stand the idea of just seeing you once or twice a year, in Redwood City and/or London. We are organising a two-days conference in Barcelona between October 9-10th with some of the best speakers from Silicon Valley and Europe.

Please, fill out this form so we can organise better. We want to know whether you're interested in receiving more information, and, if you're coming, to what extend you want to be involved with the conference.

Thanks in advance! Moltes gràcies!


3. Want to be featured globally? Pick a clip!

This fall we are trying a fun, new marketing series that will include clips from interviews that you, our awesome Directors, have done. Want to be featured?  Pick a video clip and submit it!We need a handful of 30-60 second video clips.  If you captured some succinct wisdom on any topic we want to see it.  Simply complete this quick form: (note it asks for Growth Hacking clips but you can submit clips on ANY topic) :)  You can submit more than one clip, just complete the form again for each additional clip you wish to submit. The video we create from these will be shared globally!

4. Office Hours

We had our third round of Office Hours in August and recorded it. In this episode you can learn about the Startup Program, how to get featured and how to access the speakers database among other things.  You will also hear many more helpful topics - see below:


In this video we cover:

  • 2018 Startup Program (0:00)
  • Pick a Clip - get featured (3:50)
  • Speakers Database (9:55)
  • How to get sponsors (13:45)
  • Sponsorship Packet: template (35:03)
  • Cohosting events (40:40)
  • Ticket Pricing (43:35)
  • Startup Shoutouts (47:18)


  • Directors in Europe, Middle East and Africa can join the EMEA Office Hours on Sep 27th, 5pm GMT with Dimitris.
  • Directors in the Americas can join the Americas Office Hours on Monday September 11th at 5pm Pacific Time with Christie. A calendar invite will follow shortly.

Note: You can always access the latest invites and recent Office Hours videos in the help library:

5. Featured Cities

In August we had some pretty amazing events happening, here we feature some chapters that really did a great job!




Geneva - Full house at Chapter Launch!


Thanks for all the hard work, and please keep interacting on Slack!

Startup Grind Community Team

G, Dimitris, Jan, Christie