SEP 2017: Startup with Google + Ambassadors + Mentors


Photo Credit: Startup Grind Cape Town Mid-Year Party breaks the record with the 5th highest registered attendees in all time (960 tickets) for a local event! - Tel Aviv is still at number 1 with 1100 tickets.

What’s in this newsletter:

  1. Two Regional Conferences in Oct (Spain & USA)
  2. Startup with Google
  3. Global Conference Ambassador Program
  4. 2018 Global Conference: BE THERE!
  5. Mentorship Program
  6. Helping Michele
  7. Office Hours
  8. Social Media Posts
  9. Featured Cities
  10. Startup Grind Ambassador's Golden Rules
  11. Baby no.4

Two Regional Conferences in Oct (Spain & USA)

Here are TWO great opportunities to meet up with fellow directors in your region.

There are 2 directors that have been working really hard over the last few months to create a Startup Grind conference in their city. Mark Bavisotto in America and Alex Barcadit in Spain.

They also randomly chose to host their events in the same week = 10th & 11th October ;)

There are still tickets available, so please join them, or send your startups that are nearby to join them. I know that Alex ( and Mark ( will help you with discounted tickets - just mail them, or chat to them on Slack)

More info on Barcelona Conference:

More info on Triangle Conference:

Startup with Google

As a part of the Startup Grind community, you’re also part of the global Google for Entrepreneurs network — and we wanted you to be among the first to hear about Startup with Google.

We’ve heard from countless entrepreneurs that good advice and trusted resources are crucial to success, but hard to find. With the launch of, we want to make that a little easier.

Startup with Google is the first site of its kind to bring together tools, best practices, and communities for startups from across the Google network, all in one place. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to scale, our goal is to get you the help you need to grow your startup.

Make progress today, with help from the new Startup with Google site.


[Download graphic]

Startup with Google already has lots of useful resources to help you build a great product, lead your team, raise funds, and tackle whatever else might be on your to-do list today. We’ll continue to add to the site in the months to come, so make sure to check back the next time you could use a little help getting something done.

Global Conference Ambassador Program

We are so excited to introduce our Startup Grind Global Conference Ambassador Program!

What you get?

- Receive bragging right as the Startup Grind Global Conference Ambassador

- Compete to bring home the "Most Influential Global Conference Ambassador Award"

- Get your Chapter featured with your awesome headshot on our Global Conference Page


- Receive 10% commission (of sold ticket price) for each Global Conference ticket sold

- Additional full-access complimentary passes (1-for-1 sold up to 2 additional passes) for your network

Apply here:

PS:  Remember you can always refer potential sponsors, too, and get a 10% referral bonus.  Email for more info.

2018 Global Conference: BE THERE!

The countdown has begun for the 2018 Global Conference.  As a Director, you not only get a few free tickets to the incredible 2.5 day event, you also get to attend the 2 day Director retreat that follows the event.  Save the date now: arrive to venue by 4pm on Monday February 12 and plan to hang with us until 6pm on Friday February 16, 2018.

We have a dedicated Director website this year - your home base for all info on where to be and when.  Bookmark this one: and get your travel plans started!  

Mentorship Program

For three years, our awesome Regional Directors have been leading their regions by providing help and motivation to their fellow Chapters Directors. It’s been a fantastic ride and we can’t thank them enough! As this year’s cycle comes to an end, we decided to make a few changes and we’re very excited to share them with you.

As of October 1st the Regional Directors program will transition into the Mentorship Program. This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community. Our aim is to match experienced Directors with the newer members of Startup Grind. The goal is to have a buddy scheme that will make you feel even more comfortable by having a person to reach out every time you need help. Mentors will have to submit an application to be accepted into the program:

Who is eligible to be a mentor?

  • Any Director who has been with Startup Grind for more than a year + organized at least 11 events the past 12 mo + has the capacity & desire to mentor

Learn more and apply to be a mentor here

Who is eligible to get a mentor?

  • Any director who wants one : )

How do you request a mentor?

We really hope that the Mentors Program will continue to build on the core Values of Startup Grind of giving and helping others.

Helping Michele

For three years Michele Price has been the Startup Grind Houston Texas Chapter Director hosting 40 events with the sole purpose of helping Houston entrepreneurs get to the next level. She has helped thousands of people through events, lunches, podcasts, and connecting. Now it's time for us to help her.

In the flooding this past month she literally lost everything. All furniture. Her car. Her house. With the only two story house in her neighborhood, as the flooding started all her neighbors huddled in her upstairs as the downstairs filled with more and more water.

We can't help everyone in Houston. But we can help Michele and that will be a start.

Derek has started a Life Fund and the response from the Startup Grind community was heartwarming. $13,830 have already been raised to help Michele from hundreds of donors all around the world. Not only you, the Directors and Co-directors of Startup Grind, but also anonymous people and Startup Grind friends who have opened their heart to give.

If you still want to help, please donate here:


Office Hours

Did you miss the September Office Hours?  No problem - you can watch it online anytime. In this episode you can hear all about how to conduct an excellent fireside chat interview.  We also discussed many more helpful topics - see below:

In this video we discuss:

  • Referral Bonus for Global Conference Sponsor referrals (1:02)
  • Conducting excellent interviews (5:10)
    • Fireside chat basics (5:10)
    • Asking tough questions (12:21)
    • Q&A Tool: Slido (15:05)
    • Rapid Fire Qs (15:45)
    • Guiding the conversation (19:19)
    • Crowdsourcing tips & topics (23:00)
    • Put your best foot forward (25:05)
    • Principle of humor (26:44)
    • The quiet Q&A (28:00)
  • Stripe Atlas Partner Program (34:35)
  • Global Conference: Director info website (38:30)
  • Co-hosting events (40:50)

And in this video you can catch all the action from the EMEA Office Hours, with Derek also joining :)



  • Directors in Europe, Middle East and Africa can join the EMEA Office Hours on Oct 25th at 5pm GMT with Dimitris.
  • Directors in the Americas can join the Americas Office Hours on Monday October 16th at 4pm Pacific Time with Christie.

Note: You can always access the latest invites and recent Office Hours videos in the help library:

Social Media Posts

Every month, Eugenia is preparing some of the coolest social media posts out there! Feel free to use and to post them using the hashtag #StartupGrind to amplify your message! They are based on smart quotes from Rock Star Entrepreneurs like Patrick Collison (Stripe).

Download here


Featured Cities

In September we had some pretty amazing events happening, here we feature some chapters that really did a great job! Keep posting #fullhouse pictures to get featured in the next newsletter!

Johannesburg, south Africa | with Gareth Cliff who is the most well known radio DJ in South Africa - and now has his own online station here:

Shanghai, China china.jpg

Eilat, Israel | Chapter Launch with Jazz players performing on stage before the fireside chat! eilat.jpg

Khartoum, Sudan khartoum.jpg

Montreal, Canada | Chapter relaunch after 2 years, 100+ tickets sold montreal.jpg

Vilnius, Lithuania | Hosted Wix: $3.19B market cap @ NASDAQ vilnius-wix.jpg

Paris, France paris.jpg

Startup Grind Ambassador's Golden Rules

Marian Gazdik, our Chapter Director in London, built an amazing team of Startup Grind Ambassadors that act as brand ambassadors and make sure they create meaningful connections between attendees. The team has seen an amazing success and we would like to share the secret recipe for you to replicate in your city!


Baby no.4

Our fearless leader Derek has a new addition to his family... Baby Bella Andersen was born yesterday and the whole family is complete and healthy - congrats Derek!


Thanks for all the hard work, and please keep interacting on Slack!

Startup Grind Community Team