NOV 2017: SGx & SGu, Startup Flyers, Town Halls + #SG200 achieved!

1. #SG200 - Mission Accomplished!

We did it! 200 events in November. This is a time to celebrate and give thanks. Thank you for being so awesome and relentlessly execute the vision of Startup Grind to educate every entrepreneur in the world. Thank you for being part of this amazing community that grows every year stronger, not only with vanity metrics, but in really high quality people spreading our Values: give, help, make friends.

We were honored to close the month with a very special event, the one and only Derek Andersen, our Founder and CEO. Derek delivered the story of Startup Grind during a livestream to hundreds of viewers, both online and offline. Here’s the full video in case you missed it!

2. Startup Program

Please help market the startup Program by printing these incredible flyers by our amazing graphic designer, Eugenia, and placing them at co-working spaces near you.

Feel free to also place on facebook or other social media platforms with the link to the startup program page. We have 20 spots left, and the deadline is 15th Jan.

Link to Flyers:

3. Sign Up for Global

There are 3 places that you need to go to fully RSVP for the SG 2018 Conference 12-16 Feb:

There are 3 places that you need to go to fully RSVP:

  1. Purchase a conference ticketHERE  (Your team & VIP ptickets are below)
  2. RSVP to the community team with t-shirt size etcHERE
  3. Purchase your Hotel or Bunk BedHERE  (more info inFAQ)

Director Pass:

  • 2 full access passes per chapter
  • Director + Co-director ONLY!!

Director Guest Pass:

  • 2x Guest Passes per chapter
  • For 2x VIP people in your community

All info for Global COnference is found at this link:

4. SG End of Year Party

HQ has created some amazing end of year Art Assets, please feel free to use them for Social media, Event promotion as well as on your event page (very cool as header image):

You can find all other Art Assets here:

5. Startup Grind X and Startup Grind U

There are 200,000,000 entrepreneurs on planet Earth. We touched 1,000,000 of them. How do we reach the rest 199 million? We were passionate about providing a real answer to this question and spend months figuring out the best strategy to address this need. The result was our decision to launch two brand new programs:

  • Startup Grind X: designed for small communities (city population less than 300k inhabitants)
  • Startup Grind U: focusing at Universities (student communities)

These brand new Chapter types have been officially launched in November, and we welcome the first batch of Directors leading SGx and SGu Chapters. These directors prove that there even in small towns there is thirst to educate people about entrepreneurship and community leaders are eager to host events even if it’s less frequent and with less people in the room. Same goes for hyperactive students who want to bring Startup Grind in their University and fill the gap of entrepreneurship education that unfortunately is apparent in most countries.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three Chapter Types, highlighting the key differences. As always, we are happy to get your referrals for prospective Directors that are now eligible under either SGx or SGu. Thanks to G’s hard work, we now have a brand new Application process that distinguishes the candidates depending on the type of chapter they are applying for. Just refer your contacts to apply here and we’ll take it from there!

6. Town Halls 

Some really important announcement were made last month (SGx, SGu and Memberships) by Derek and Community Team during the 3 Town Halls. These topics were too important to release without hearing your thoughts, so we listened carefully your feedback and adjusted the final offering based on your valuable input. Keep interacting and share your opinion via the dedicated Slack channel #memberships and keep track of all new applicants for SGx and SGu via #new-applicant Slack channel.  

Watch the video of the Town Hall highlights here:

7. Cancelling Invoices 

If you have created an invoice in error or need to delete an invoice for any reason in the Startup Grind dashboard, the only way to do this is by sending Neda Morrar ( an email with the invoice number and amount and Neda will go in and delete it.


There are still about 50 invoices due in the platform and Neda is actively working to bring this number to 0 (when she started it was 160!) so she might get in touch with you to query an invoice if it’s still due. By letting Neda know proactively that an invoice was a duplicate or cancelled, we can all help HQ to better track and manage sponsor invoices.


8. Office Hours

Did you miss the November Americas & EMEA Office Hours? No problem - you can watch them online anytime.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to make your event stand out in the sea of events in your city (0:00)
  • Global Conference Info (23:00)
  • How to get your 1st sponsor (25:53)

And in this video you can catch all the action from the EMEA Office Hours #5, discussing end of year parties, Global Conference and Memberships. Watch it here:

Note: You can always access the latest invites and recent Office Hours videos in the help library:

9. Featured Cities

In November we had some pretty amazing events happening, here we feature some chapters that really did a great job! Keep posting #fullhouse pictures to get featured in the next newsletter!

London, UK

The undisputed capital of FinTech organized an event that looked more like a conference. WeWork Moorgate (for those who joined us in SG Europe, it was the venue that hosted the opening night party) was packed with more than 300+ attendees!

Beirut, Libanon

Nour Atrissi killing it with a full house, 120+ attendees!

Tbilisi, Georgia

Full House with 100+ attendees, hosting an American entrepreneur thousands of miles away from USA!

Santiago, Chile

Just launched this month - an excellent crowd and speaker!

Kabul, Afghanistan

Hosted at a huge auditorium, check that massive Startup Grind banner!

Tangier, Morocco                                  

Believe it or not, we launched the 7th chapter in Morocco! Last year, we had 0. Hananne’s contribution is massive as she has been an amazing ambassador of Startup Grind not only in Casablanca where she’s leading the chapter there, but in the entire country, bringing many of her contacts on board. Here’s Mohamed Bouzerouata, Chapter Director of Tangier

Islamabad, Pakistan

Special props to our Director, Arzish Azam, who organized 2 events in November and helped us smash that #SG200 record!

Tel Aviv, Israel

Networking time with great food at a really cool venue

Zurich, Switzerland

In a very casual and intimate gathering, attendees watched Derek answer questions from attendees

Shenzhen, China

Startup Grind Shenzhen hosted an event focusing on hardware. We even had some special guests from Belgium.


Beijing, China

Team in Beijing hosted 3 events this month (#SG200)! Well done, team!                                           

Ningbo, China

Startup Grind Ningbo chapter keeps on inspiring local entrepreneurs.

Foshan, China                                                

Foshan is one of the new chapters we launched in November. Good start!


Thanks for all the hard work, and please keep interacting on Slack!     

Startup Grind Community Team