JUN 2019 | July Summer/Winter Parties + SG Global 2020 Launch

Important Topics In This Newsletter

#SGEurope - Wrap up + Pictures and Videos
#JulySummerWinterParty - July is Party Time + Global 2020 Launch
#SGWomenRecap - Another fantastic #SGWomen Month
#SocialMediaDeets - Do we have your Chapters social media details?
#NextOfficeHours - Join us for the monthly Office Hours
#LevelUp - Tips & Tricks to help your Chapter Excel

We're already half way through the year and what a phenomenal first 6 months we've had! 

We kicked off June with our SG Europe Conference in London that unanimously could be considered as the best ever! May’s #SGWomen month had chapters across the world hosting female speakers who shared their stories! As we fast approach July, we have the summer/winter parties to look forward to. Read about all these things in this month’s newsletter! 

You can also find ALL past newsletters here: help.startupgrind.com/category/465-2019---newsletters

#SGEurope Pictures and Videos

Thank you to all of our amazing directors for joining us at SG Europe. If you missed any of the sessions you can find the recordings over at https://www.youtube.com/user/StartupGrind/videos. Be sure to check out the pictures here from the legendary DINO DINO DINO! http://bit.ly/2IMshGA. We really enjoyed seeing all of our old friends and meeting new ones at both Directors Day and the Directors Pub Crawl afterwards. If you have any great pictures from the event, make sure to post them on #sg-europe on slack

#JulySummerWinterParty + #GlobalLaunch

July is right around the corner and we can’t wait to get together and party it up a little. Parties give you a chance to bring your entire community together to celebrate your ecosystem.

If at all possible - please host your event on the 17th July - and at the party - announce that Global Tickets are now on sale, and for 48 hours they will be at the lowest price that they’ll ever be at - We’ll send you a dedicated link

Both Winter AND Summer Parties are found in these templates that you can found HERE (While logged into SG Email Account)


Thank you all for hosting your #SGWomen events in May. You helped us complete another amazing month jam packed full of amazing #SGWomen speakers. Our final numbers for this month are below;

Number of female speakers: 200

Number of featured attendees: 4500

Link to all #SGWomen events: https://www.startupgrind.com/sgwomen-may-2019/

Check out some of our amazing events below;


If you have co-directors and team members that haven’t applied to Startup Grind yet, you can share this link to help them get set up officially: http://www.startupgrindapp.com/start/


If you’ve created new SG social media accounts for your chapter, please send us the username and password at ford@startupgrind.com. We will be requesting access to all of your Facebook pages over the coming months. Make sure to accept those requests as they come in.


The dates and times for the next Office Hours should be in your startupgrind.com Google Calendars. You are welcome to join any office hours you like. For your convenience we’ve broken down the times across regional timezones. They are for your reference:

Host: Madeline + Jess
Date: Tuesday, 25 June 2019
Time: Tue, 6PM SAST | Tue, 1PM EST | Wed, 10:30PM IST  | Tue, 6PM CEST
Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call ( https://startupgrind.zoom.us/j/3486534192)
CLICK HERE to add to calendar

Host: Phin, Bruce & Daniel
Date: Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Time: Wed, 4PM SAST |  Wed, 10AM EST | Wed, 10PM HKT | Wed, 4PM CEST
Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call ( https://startupgrind.zoom.us/s/7935358786)
CLICK HERE to add to calendar

Host: Farheen
Date: Friday, 28 June 2019
Time: Friday 9AM SAST |  Friday, 3AM EST | Friday, 3PM HKT | Friday, 9AM CESTFormat: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call ( https://startupgrind.zoom.us/j/9909114490)

CLICK HERE to add to calendar


This months Level Up comes courtesy of the Berlin team (Mareike and Verena) who have brought on a new team member, Martina to deal with all social media, communications and newsletter content. I think we can all agree she is doing an amazing job. Check out their pre-event newsletter which has some amazing content, calls to action and even an infographic. Just the sort content that can help engage all of our communities. https://www.startupgrind.com/newsletter/read/12025


G, Phin, Bruce, Farheen, Madeline, Daniel, Jessica